German Actress Sophia Thomalla Is In Quarantine Mode On Instagram With Hardly Any Clothes:

Sophia Thomalla has everything under control in her home and also delights her fans with the latest posting from the Corona quarantine.

Here she congratulates mother Sophia with a mother-daughter post on Instagram, there are still congratulations to her boyfriend Sylvie Meis on her lucky day in her Instagram story - organizationally, Sophia Thomalla is currently fully up to date.

But she currently has plenty of time for that, as Thomalla revealed in her current Instagram post.

"If you don't have a job, but you are brown," she writes with the hashtag #quarantine and poses for it in a short video in front of the mirror:

Anyone who only has an eye for what the 30-year-old has to write at a third or fourth glance is forgiven.

Thomalla has not only worked on the tan, but her body is also still in top shape even after several weeks in corona quarantine.

Almost every day, over 1.2 million fans receive updates with little clothing and a lot of bare skin - both the black strapless bikini and Thomalla's retro sunglasses are currently in constant use:

Do you get bored? No! A professional like Thomalla knows, of course, how to add a little variety to the whole thing. 

The bikini is obviously set as a favourite outfit, but the location is changed cheerfully - there was already a snapshot of the garden lounger in front of the mirror, before that she took a seat on her armchair.


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