Death of French actress Delphine Serina - the sober homage of Un si Grand Soleil to the actress gone:

On April 19, French actress Delphine Serina died at the age of 49 from a long illness. And for its resumption on June 1, Un si grand Soleil decided to pay it a discreet tribute.

A tender, discreet tribute. Monday, June 1, the series Un si grand Soleil celebrated its return to France 2 after several weeks of stopping.

During the confinement, but also because of the coronavirus pandemic, France Télévisions had suspended the filming of its soap, which a few weeks ago lost one of its actors

 Indeed on April 19, Delphine Serina, who played the role of Bérénice Paré, died at the age of 49 "from a long illness". So for its recovery, the France 2 series did not fail to pay tribute to him.

The chain thus encrusted a simple banner at the time of the credits in memory of the actress, who should have celebrated her 50th birthday in May. A tribute that moved the fans, who did not fail to make it known on Twitter.

"The tears of Eve + the thought for Delphine Serina (Bérénice Paré) = end of the episode where we have the tears", can we read, or "Thank you for having mentioned Delphine Serina to pay tribute to her".

Virginie Lemoine ignored French actress Delphine Serina's illness:

It must be said that the death of Delphine Serina if it moved viewers, also greatly surprised some of his former game partners, who were completely unaware of his illness.

Like Virginie Lemoine, who learned with the amazement of the death of her former play partner in the Host Family series. "Delphine was a remarkable woman and a very inspired artist."

A thought that then echoed those that had the co-stars of French actress Delphine Serina after the announcement of her death, such as Nadège Beausson-Diagne or even Joffrey Platel and Mimie Mathy.


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