American YouTuber Jack Paul:

American YouTuber Jack Paul Mall has been charged with abuse after the robbery. A Scottsdale, Arij, being robbed on Saturday night in videos posted on social media.

Jack Paul, an influential figure on social media, has been charged with criminal misconduct and illegal assembly after a video of him taking part in looting at a mall in Scottsdale, Arizona, was released on Saturday.

Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall A YouTube star at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall with friends posted videos of Mr Jack Paul online throughout the weekend, including video photographer, Andrew Blue, shared footage of Mr Jack Paul inside during the looting.

In a video posted on Instagram, Mr Jack Paulcan be seen walking down the mall as robbers threw the glass at Sephora and Swarovski's stores and smashed into car windows around him. A clip shows Mr Jack Paul handling the stolen bottle of vodka.

The Scottsdale Police Department said in a statement on Thursday that "our investigation has shown that Jack Paul was present after the protest was declared an illegal assembly and ordered the rioters to leave the police area."

Jack Paul also entered illegally and remained there while the mall was closed. As a result, criminal charges and illegal assembly have been filed against Jack Paul. Both allegations are misdemeanours.

Mr Jack Paul, 23, best known for his brash personality and the use of internet quarrels for court opinions, regularly records his life on social media and travels with a group, including a videographer, who captures his escapes for his YouTube channel.

In the days that followed, he was adamant that he was present at the mall to capture what was going on and could use it as the content of his YouTube channel.

"To be clear, neither I nor any of our group was involved in any looting or vandalism," he said in a statement on Twitter, adding that he and his crew were "strictly documenting, not involved."

According to Ishan Goel, 21, who was with Mr Jack Paul on Saturday night, Mr Jack Paul received word of the ceremony at the mall and the team decided to walk from a nearby restaurant where they were having dinner.

"Police helicopters were circling with lights and sirens, and Jack wanted to determine what was going on inside the mall," said Mr Goel, an entrepreneur, in an interview on Thursday.

Shortly after they arrived at the scene, Mr Jack Paul began interviewing people and was recognized by various groups.

He can continue filming as the police move forward. When he reached out to a group of officers, they began to use what they described as Mr Jack Paul as tear gas.

In his statement on Twitter, Mr Jack Paul claimed that he had spent the first part of his day peacefully protesting "one of the most horrific injustices ever seen in our country" and that his goal was to "draw more attention to the anger felt in everyone". "

Mr Jack Paul has presented big news for content in the past and is involved in political issues. In 2017, he arrived in Texas in a pickup truck and claimed he would rescue residents trapped in Hurricane Harvey floodwaters.

In 2018, after the mass shooting in Parkland, Fla., Mr Jack Paul made a documentary-style video about the attack so that he had a five-point plan to stop school shootings.

These include having children carry bulletproof solder inside their backpacks, installing bulletproof windows in classrooms and keeping more law enforcement officers in the school.

Many young activists online criticized him sharply. In 2018, he also faced a backlash for using a racial slur in a freestyle rap.

The looting at Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall was not linked to the Black Lives Matter movement, nor was any party protesting peacefully in Scottsdale and Phoenix against police brutality.

In response to peaceful protests across the country, police officers used sticks, gas and rubber bullets on protesters, outsiders and journalists.

Recorded videos of police brutality are going viral on social media and many have speculated that Mr Jack Paul has tried to exploit the idea of ​​police brutality.

After posting a Black Square on Instagram on Tuesday, Mr Jack Paul's page with the caption "Black Lives #BLM," was filled with comments punishing him for his presence during the looting on Saturday night.

On Tuesday, Jack Paul's brother and fellow YouTube star Logan Jack Paul posted an emotional statement about racism on his YouTube channel and podcast, urging whites and those in power to "recognize and arm" their rights.


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