American football quarterback Cam Newton To 1-Year Contract:

American football quarterback Cam Newton is signing a one-year deal with New England worth $7.5 million.

Multiple reports on Sunday night said the New England Patriots had reached an agreement with former National Football League MVP Cam Newton.

Former Carolina Panthers quarterback Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who has left to join Free Agency in Tampa Bay Buchananas, will step into the mix to compete for a replacement opportunity, Adam Schefter said, citing First League sources.

Footballer Cam Newton is signing a one-year deal with England, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, who also cites a league source and says the minimum contract with Footballer Cam Newton is running quietly. The incentive deal is valued at 7. 7.5 million, the source told RAPOPORT.

New England has yet to announce the deal, with patriotic players and brothers Devin and Jason McCarthy reacting to the news on Sunday night by telling NBC Sports Boston's Phil Perry that they are excited.

Devin McCarthy told Perry that Footballer Cam Newton's addition would "improve" the team's quarterback situation.

McCarty's brother and teammate Stephen Gilmore both responded to the news on Twitter on Sunday night with the same emoji,

when Footballer Cam Newton appeared on Instagram, addressing his signature, writing, "I don't know what I'm doing right now I'm excited !! All praise to God !! !! I hope you are ready.

Footballer Cam Newton will join Parat Stidham and veteran Brian Hoare in the fourth-round draft Parrots QB house of 2019. Undertaken free agent Jaime Smith and Brian Leverkusen are also expected to have a mix.

Footballer Cam Newton, who was the number one selector overall in 2011, played only two games last season due to shoulder and leg injuries.

The 31-year-old has spent nine seasons in Carolina, winning the NFL MVP award in 2015 when he appeared in the Panthers' Super Bowl 50.

Now, the question is who will succeed Brady in 2020. Will it be an inexperienced Stidham or an injured veteran, will Footballer Cam Newton prove it?


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