American Actor D.L. Hughley Positive COVID-19:

American actor D.L. Hughley reveals positive COVID-19 test, discharged from hospital after breaking onstage.

D.L. Hughley posted a video on social media tonight stating that he had contracted the coronavirus and was being discharged from a hospital in Nashville. 

During a stand-up the night before, the comic and activist said he was initially being treated for "severe fatigue and dehydration."

D.L. Hughley mentioned that he was dissatisfied but said in the video, “They ran test batteries and I also tested positive for COVID-19, which blew me away.

I just lost consciousness. So, for anything else you need to look for, if your donkey goes on stage, in the middle of an event, you probably need to check. " Hagley thanked the fans for their “prayers and good wishes”

Actor/comedian D.L. Hagley had a medical emergency Friday night, broke down in the middle of his set at a comedy club in Nashville and went on stage.

D.L. Hughley, 57, was present at Janice Nashville Comedy Club during her set. Then he began to lean towards his stall.

The worker, feeling the sensation, rushed to his aid, but Hully was blocked and hit the floor. Several staff members then dropped him off on stage in his dressing room.

An announcer then instructed the audience, “Stay calm. We've got them all under control. "

A spokesman for D.L. Hughley told TMZ that the comedian "was exhausted after all the weeks of work and travel, and was hospitalized overnight for examination under a doctor's order.

He is awake and feeling well and would like to thank everyone for their kind prayers and thoughts."

From 1999-2002, Hully had a long career in comedy, television and film, including the TV series The American actor D.L. Hughley.


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