Trump has said he wants the vague Insurrection Act to keep the protests going ⁠ what that means:

Entering their seventh night after the protests were sparked by the death of George Floyd, President Trump delivered a Rose Garden speech on Monday, where he promised to end "riots and lawlessness" and said he would deploy U.S. troops if they could not manage the military.

It is their own. This could be accomplished with a century-old law called the Insurrection Act. Here's what the law involves:

Key points:

  • The law, signed into law by President Thomas Jefferson in 1807, empowers the commander-in-chief to deploy troops to the United States for civil disorder, Insurrection Act, or insurgency.

  • The law was last used to quell the 1992 Los Angeles riots, which were captured on video after the acquittal of four white police officers for brutally killing a black Rodney King.

  • According to NBC News, governors have the power to ask the federal government to send troops to help quell civilian unrest, but no one has, local law enforcement and the National Guard (which relies on army and air force reserves).

  • A section of the law states that any president may deploy troops without direct request in the event of a mutiny or "illegal assembly" which makes it unreasonable to apply the law in a general manner.

  • Another law that is in line with the Insurrection Act, known as the POS Committas Act of 18, prevents the deployment of active-duty forces in the United States for routine use as a police force.

  • To deploy troops without any governor progress, Trump will have to issue a declaration to disperse the "rebels" and leave the house within a limited time, NBC reported.

Chief Critics:

Governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo told CNN he would say "thank you, but no thanks" to the federal government's proposal to send troops, while Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker told the network, "I reject the idea that the federal government can send troops to the state of Illinois."

The key behind:

Previous uses of the Insurrection Act occurred during the 19th Martin Luther King Jr. assassination and the 1957 riots to defend Little Rock Nine.

In an earlier press briefing with reporters on Monday, White House Press Secretary Salehi McKenney failed to address Trump's call for legislation, saying "this is one of the tools available, whether the president decides to follow it or not."

The address at Trump's Rose Garden occurred when military police were clearing nearby St. John's Church, the church where the presidents were present, with tear gas and flashbangs from nearby.

After his remarks, Trump went to see St. John's outside the White House gate and across Lafayette Park with an employee who included Attorney General William Barr, McKenney and daughter Ivanka Trump.

Arriving there, he grabbed a Bible, posed for a picture outside, and then left.


During the last use of the Insurrection Act in 1992, George HW was also serving as Attorney General. The Bush administration.


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