45th American President Donald Trump Tweets:

President Donald Trump’s Twitterstorm has removed a controversial post in which someone sounds “white power” at a pro-Trump rally in Florida.

The White House has claimed that President Donald Trump did not hear the remarks before giving the post.

"She did not listen to the video. What he saw was overwhelmingly encouraging from many of his supporters, "said White House spokesman Jude Deere.

The video was taken at The Village Retired Community near Orlando. It showed signs of involvement in the golf carts of President Donald Trump supporters and the screams of protesters.

The president posted with the clip, "Thank you to the great people of the villages." "Radical Left Do Nothing Nothing Democrats will fall. Corruption Joe is shot. See you soon !!!"

President Donald Trump is again visiting his Trump National Golf Club in VA Sterling, swaying slightly towards the little white ball.

He tweaked Joe Biden, a potential opponent of the upcoming presidential election, calling him by a new nickname and disregarding his IQ and previous interactions with Russia.

The commander-in-chief also denied knowledge of the proposed incident in a New York Times report on the favours given by Russian troops to British and American troops in Afghanistan.

Finally, President Donald Trump also mentioned his new executive order on the vandalism of the federal memorial, a day after he tweeted about the law enforcement seeking a long list of people for vandalism in the wake of the recent uprising.

He claimed that the order had stopped widespread attacks on statues and buildings in the face of the threat of long prison sentences.


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