SpaceX Rocket Launch Into Space:

It should have been the first manned space flight from US soil since the end of the space shuttle program nine years ago: however, the countdown of the SpaceX rocket was stopped 17 minutes before the start.

The weather was only partly to blame. Anxious looks at the sky over Florida accompanied the start preparations from the beginning.

Just under 17 minutes before the planned start it was clear: the weather was not stable enough, the countdown was interrupted.

They understand, a good performance by the team, replied the astronauts. Then they had to stay in the "Crew Dragon" capsule until the fuel had been pumped out and they were able to get out.

SpaceX Rocket - The time window was too tight:

The cancellation came even though the weather had steadily improved. However, there was only a short launch window to reach the International Space Station.

SpaceX rocket engineer John Insprucker said that it was not possible to wait five minutes within this launch window.

This is due to the fuel, which is refuelled a good half an hour beforehand: if you wait, the liquid oxygen warms up, and that changes the performance with which you can reach orbit.

Short-term takeoffs are part of the routine in space travel. NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine then said that the NASA and SpaceX teams worked together impressively and made good decisions.

SpaceX Rocket High expectations:

The pressure was great: since the end of the Space Shuttle nine years ago, no more astronauts had started from Earth in orbit.

So it's about restarting NASA's manned spaceflight. That's why even President Trump had come to Cape Canaveral.

The pressure was also great for the collaboration between SpaceX and NASA:

the company transported astronauts into space for the first time, and for the first time, NASA relied on a service provider on such a flight instead of managing it.

Despite everything: Bridenstine said that under no circumstances should anyone feel under pressure. If they are not ready to start, they will not start.

SpaceX Rocket - Reignite the dream of space:

Tesla boss Elon Musk founded SpaceX in 2002 intending to fly to Mars. First, the company turned the market for satellite launches upside down with cheap flights.

At the start of the "Crew Dragon", the company is in charge. The difference was visible: the practical functionality of previous NASA equipment has given way to modern, minimalist design.

The starting ramp in black, the access bridge and the space capsule in white. In the "Crew Dragon" the two astronauts were not sitting in front of countless instruments and switches, but rather large touchscreens.

They wore lighter, modern-cut spacesuits. Musk said he helped design. It took almost four years to design suits that look and work well.

The goal was to inspire children to wear such a uniform one day. It is about rekindling the dream of space. That now has to wait three days: the next attempt to start will be on Saturday.


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