Record Producer Andre Harrell Die

Sean ‘Puffy’ Combs was discovered by music executive Andre Harrell dies at 59:

Andre Harrell, the music executive who founded Uptown Records and invented Shawn "Puffy" Combs, died Friday. He was 59 years old.

On Saturday morning, DJ D-Nice announced the death of the first Andre Harrell on his Instagram live, Billboard reported. The magazine said it received separate confirmations from other sources.

Born in New York City, Andre Harrell began his musical career as half of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, who made a small hit in 191 with a song that created a Top Tom Club model with "Genius Rap".

The song, "The Talent of Love," various reports. Two years later, Andre Harrell Diff began working for Jam Records, eventually coming up with the label's vice president and general manager, the newspaper reported.

Andre Harrell founded Uptown Records in 1986 and became influential in the development of hip-hop and R&B's New Jack swing style, Billboard reported.

He invented combs, later known as DD, who was an intern on record labels. Combs eventually worked for Andre Harrell full-time as a talent director. Other artists signed by Harel include Heavy D & Boys, Mary J. Village and The Infamous BIGG, Billboard reported.

Uptown's distribution partner, MCA, offered Andre Harrell a multimedia deal and he became the executive producer of the television show, "New York Undercover," Variety reported.

He was also the executive producer of the 1991 comedy, "Streetly Business", and in 1993 the label recorded the first showcase version of MTV's "Unplugged" series, according to Variety.

In 1995, Andre Harrell briefly was president and CEO of Motown. At the time of his death, Andre Harrell was working in a TV minor about Uptown.


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