Mike Schultz 43-50-Pound Weight Loss

Coronavirus shares shocking photos showing survival, 43, 50-pound weight loss:

Mike Schultz 43-year-old man in California shared a picture on social media last week that Carnavirus threw at his body during a nearly two-month stay in hospital.

Mike Schultz told BuzzFeed News after posting his earlier Instagram post that he showed 50 pounds lighter than a month before he was admitted to the hospital. Young or old, prefixing condition or not.

 Mike Schultz, a nurse in San Francisco who did not work almost every day with an underlying condition, said six weeks later at a Boston hospital infected with the virus that she had gone from 190 pounds to 140 pounds.

 Mike Schultz said he was tired from standing for a few minutes to take pictures and his lung capacity was also severely impaired. “I thought only one week had passed,” he said of his sixth week in the hospital.

 Mike Schultz travelled to Boston in mid-March to meet her boyfriend. One week ago, they went to a festival in Miami Beach, where at least 36 people later tested positive and three died of the virus.

He said. "Although there were no real restrictions. There was no lockdown. We just thought, well, we'll wash our hands more and be careful not to touch our faces."

Within days of arriving in Boston, he had a 103-degree fever and his lungs were filled with fluid.

She was taken to the hospital for more than a month, and her boyfriend, who called as much as possible and with the help of a nurse, told FaceTime that it was "quite like being in a coma."

After leaving the hospital last week, Sultz said he received a response that he had attended the Miami Beach Festival, but chose to focus on his recovery.

“I knew what I was going through,” he told BuzzFeed. “I didn’t think it was that serious until things started. I thought I was young enough not to be affected and I know a lot of people think that. "


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