Lady Gaga Album Chromatica:

The artist was Lady Gaga, and the message came through her contagious first single "Just Dance", the first of her four No. 1 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Flash forward to 2020, and that joyfully indifferent chorus can no longer seem to be true.

By now, you probably know that we live in a dystopian hell: a deadly virus is forcing us inside, our president is advising us to inject disinfectants, and the police continue to kill unarmed black men and women.

As it seems very favourable, leave the right time to release the full album of the sweaty dance-floor banner.

But after months of leaks of songs and tracklists, Lady Gaga had no choice but to release "Chromatica" to the world this weekend - and really, we're much better off than that.

Outside of Friday, "Chromatica" is her first solo effort since "Joan" in 2011, a promising but mostly forgettable country-pop.

The pain title track is an all-time, albeit less "million reasons," better said, Almost four years apart between the albums, Lady Gaga has been able to head to the Super Bowl half-year event, playing double Las Vegas and winning an Oscar for her signature.

But for all that was in "Chromatica", there were red herrings on a Trojan horse in electro-pop earworms that had virtually no fat in 16 songs and 43 minutes.

Again hiring Bloodpop for lots of co-writing and production duties - as well as European DJs Motion, Axwell and Burns - Lady Gaga distributes four-story floor music from an album that clubs are begging to play at festivals and gay events whenever it is safe to do so.

After a brief, dramatic overture - including the first of three strings - Lady Gaga enters the album's mesmerizing opener "Alice", gesturing robotically to Lewis Carroll, "Take me home / take me to Wonderland."

From there, hits will keep coming: "Free Lady," a pronounced thumper to restore your space; Deadly "911", so that he is open about antipsychotic drugs; And "Fun Tonight," consolidating introductory breakup music to his previous work.


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