Japanese Professional Wrestler Hanna Kimura Died

Japanese Professional Stardom wrestler Hannah Kimura has died in 22 cyber-bullying incidents:

A deeply traumatic week of pro wrestling was able to end on a cool note as stardom wrestler Hanna Kimura is reported to have died at the age of 22.

The rising star sent a slightly unmarked tweet to his wrist, indicating that Kimu's life was in danger and that he was involved in his loss.

Daily, Hanna Kimura became the subject of hundreds of average tweets by fans and critics.

Hanna Kimura posted a suicidal note on Twitter that translated into the following:

“About 100 open comments every day. I could not deny that I was injured. I'm dead. Thanks for giving me mom it was a life I want to love.

Thanks to everyone who supported me. I love it. I'm weak, I'm sorry. I don't want to be human anymore. It was a life I wanted to love. Thank you all, I love you. Bye. "

Stardom confirmed Kimura's death with the following statement:

“Stardom fans, we are very sorry that our Hanna Kimura has died please respect and give her some time to process things and keep her thoughts and prayers with her family and friends.

A winner of Stardom's 2019 Fighting Spirit Award and out of the top 50 of the 2018 PWI Women's 100, Hanna Kimura is an international rising star in a week where fans have endured the gruesome details of the deaths of Shad Gaspard, Larry Sisinka and Owen Hart on the dark side of Reed. Mourning the death of a favourite wrestler.

Hanna Kimura's death will bring much-needed discussion about social media behaviour, especially in the rabid internet wrestling community, not to mention the ecosystem in any corner of the sport, pop culture or entertainment - the most toxic among fanbases.

In the shaking brought a whole new wave of poison. The amount of pornography on social media was enough to force Young Box to shut down Twitter.

Hanna Kimura’s life, however, is much more of a burden than a token message about cyberbullying that will sadly be lost in a 24-hour news cycle.

What makes it doubly sad is that such seemingly trivial opinions can carry so much weight with anyone, regardless of size.

Hanna Kimura was the daughter of second-generation star and travel-female wrestler Kyoko Hanna Kimura. Fans and wrestlers around the world have paid homage to the popular star.


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