German actor Oliver Pocher

German actor Oliver Pocher:

About a month ago, Oliver Pocher announced on his Instagram account that Amira had tested positive for Corona. Oli was also infected.

Oliver Pocher said: "We will stay at home for the next 14 days. Now it has caught us." The symptoms of the 26-year-old were initially a cough and a cold.

The sore throat got worse and later there was also a body ache. However, she would not have had a fever. The comedian also started the disease with a cough and sore throat.

He continued on the RTL show "The Quarantine-WG": "It is not fantastic now, but the course is like normal flu.

The most interesting thing is that I have no taste or smell." Both have been fine for a long time so that they were able to take part in TV shows again.

In an interview with RTL, the two surprisingly announce that they have not produced any antibodies. Both of them don't understand, as they say. However, the comedian and Amira take it with humour

German actor Oliver Pocher explains the test result:

Oliver Pocher describes himself and Amira as a "medical phenomenon". In an interview on the sidelines of filming, he revealed the reason for this to Frauke Ludwig:

This means that the two could become infected with corona again. But, it means that one is immune to it after surviving a corona infection.

RTL also clarifies that this "phenomenon" is not medically possible and that the test result should be incorrect.

An expert said to RTL: "These rapid antibody tests are unable to demonstrate immunity - that's quick money." Whether the two did a quick test or a blood test remains unclear.


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