Australian model Ruby Rose

Australian model Ruby Rose:

As other viewers of CW’s Batwoman, I was incredibly confused to hear this news late yesterday. Two days after the end of season 1 with the already protected 2 seasons, the show’s star Ruby Rose announced that she was leaving Batuman.

Star Ruby Rose and the production team then made a humble statement together, wishing each other well to move forward and if there was any real “drama” there, it was very secretive.

Excerpt from Ruby Rose's speech:

“I have made a very difficult decision not to return to Batwoman next season. I didn’t make this decision lightly because I have the utmost respect for this actress, the crew and everyone involved in the show in both Vasquez and Los Angeles. "

Quite simply, no one knows why this is happening, except for closely involved parties. Ruby Rose had suffered several serious back injuries before but had nothing to do with it.

Reportedly she was harassed online for portraying a lesbian superhero as a lesbian actress where she came from on Twitter, but it's unclear why.

Chances are she didn't just want to limit her career options, stay in a role for another 3-5 years (this CW shows last longer), or just have her personal or family problems she don't know to take care of.

Whatever the case, it’s an amazing situation to lose his lead after a show’s single season, and it doesn’t happen often.

And in this case, the show just can’t live without A) Batwoman or B) Kate Kane, and so Ruby Rose just needs to be completely reinstated.

It will not be a newcomer to Kaul, it will only be Ken as another actress. He integrated very easily with every other character in the show

When Ruby Rose was the first cast, it was the result of an attempt to find an LGBTQ actress to play an LGBTQ superhero character, and we already hear that the same search process will happen again for the next investigative actress.

The show discusses both characters who transform their faces (the signature of the original group of bad guys this past season)

And the giant plotlines about how flawed and other dimensions collide with each other so that they can deal with these issues are traditional theories. " Comic book-ish "fashion. Or they just couldn’t say anything, it could be a better game.


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