Apple iOS 13.5 Release

Apple IOS 13.5 has been released with a quick unlock option for masked faces:

This is the first version of Apple's mobile OS to allow applications to work using the new contact-tracing API.

Just in time for the long Memorial Day weekend, Apple has rolled out iOS 13.5 to iPhones and made life a bit easier to wear masks. As reported by The Verge, Apple iOS 13.5 is notable for two new features.

The first to be hinted at in the beta 3 release last month is that someone wearing a face mask should embrace warmth when trying to use their iPhone.

So far it's been a bit frustrating because Face ID struggles to recognize you with half your face. Inevitably, users have to wait for a passcode prompt to pop up on the screen, which takes a few seconds.

What Apple has changed in this new version of iOS allows a top screen swipe to bring in passcode entries instantly. That way, face mask wearers can't wait, they can simply swipe and tap to unlock.

Late last month, Apple and Google rolled out beta versions of their contact-tracing tools for app developers.

In iOS 13.5, Apple has added support for the API, which means the app is taking advantage of a communication-tracing system that iPhone owners can now use.

For now, this is not an active system, meaning you need to install a suitable application to take advantage of new functionality, e.g. Checking if you have come in contact with anyone who has David-19.


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