American professional wrestler John Cena

American professional wrestler John Cena $40,000:

American professional wrestler John Cena could be an anonymous donor who donated $ 40,000 to Shad Gaspard's fundraiser. Shad died last Sunday after a swimming accident on CA's Venice Beach.

The tragic death of former WWE star Shad Gaspard has shocked the entire wrestling universe.

Last Sunday, Gaspard, who was swimming with his ten-year-old son on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California, went missing after a huge wave engulfed him.

Three days after he went missing, LA County lifeguards confirmed his death and recovered his body on the beach.

Shad Gaspard dies - Janpena donates to Gaspard's family:

After the news was confirmed, former and current WWE stars mourned the death of Shad Gaspard, who died trying to ensure the safety of his ten-year-old son.

Shad Gaspard and a few friends of his family then arranged for a fundraiser at

Aimed at raising $ 100,000, the fundraiser aims to help Shad's wife, Celina Gaspard, with funeral expenses and other expenses. Thanks to an anonymous $ 40,000 donation, it surpassed $ 140,000 in just four days.

According to reports, the huge 40,000 grant came from WWE superstar John Cena, who was known as a good friend of Shad Gaspard. Granted on Sunday, this huge grant was displayed on the page as ‘CTC RIP’.

According to TMZ, this is a reference to Creme Time Sensation (CTC), which is a partnership between John Cena, Shad Gaspard and JTG during their time at the WWE.

The report further claims that the Sanhedrin leader was very close to Gaspard and told people that "he wants to do something to pay homage to his minister."

Shad Gaspard is dead - John Cena worked with Shad and JTG in 2002:

Moreover, John Cena probably left a big hint that he is, in fact, an anonymous donor after sharing a picture on his Instagram that CTC highlighted.

During Cena's fight with the JBL in 2006, the 116-time world champion formed an alliance with Crime Time, which resulted in the CTC. In the picture below, CTC members sprayed a CTC hood that was vandalizing JBL's limo.

In addition to John Cena, AOW stars like Chris Jericho, Cody and Brandy Rhodes and founder Tony Khan have all pledged money to the fundraiser.

Chris Jericho pledged 000 5,000 and Tony Khan pledged 10,000 10,000. WWE stars such as Shelton Benjamin, Natalia and Hall of Famer Mick Foley also supported the cause.


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