American Mixed Martial Artist Donald Seron

American Mixed Martial Artist Donald Seron:

A welterweight fight between former lightweight champion Anthony "Showtime" Pettis and Donald Saron "Cowboy" Serron is heading to the UFC 249 primary fight card in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday.

The two had previously fought in January 2013 against Pettis in the opening round after finishing Cerrone. On Saturday, the fight went into the distance.

Both fighters entered the fight to lose the line in need of a victory and they both fought that way. At the start of the competition, Cerron took centre stage and patted Pattis from the outside.

Cerrone secured a takedown and let Pattis back to his feet. As the opening frame closed, the two exchanged both landings with hard shots.

In the second round, Pattis landed a left arm that caused swelling around Cerron's left eye. Cerrone responded with a combination.

After a back-to-back exchange, Seron secured his second fight. Pettis quickly worked his way back to his feet but absorbed a knee in the process. At the end of the two rounds, no fighter was ahead in the fight.

The speed has risen to the final frame. The combination landed both early in the round. Pattis landed a left hand after inadvertently rubbing Seron in the eye.

Seron complained that he was stabbed but the referee did not see it. Pattis continued to fight and descended into a combination.

Cerrone responded with a clean head kick, but Pattis took it and continued to fire back. In the last seconds of the fight, Cerrone exploded and exploded in front.

After fifteen minutes of fighting, the judges will decide the winner. All three judges fought 29-28 for Pattis.


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