American Actress Hillary Duff Allegations

American actress Hillary Duff addresses the ‘garbage’ allegations made about her on Twitter:

It all started when Duff shared a photo wall, which included nude photos of his son. Hillary Duff is clapping after discovering this "disgusting" reason why her name is trending on Twitter.

When the "Lizzie McGuire" actress shared a story on Instagram, she was shown a picture of her son Luca (6) and daughter Banks Violet with one Hillary Duff holding her body part with her sticker.

"Someone mentioned on Instagram that I did a nude thing about him, which I did, so we covered it with a sticker," he said in a clip shared by a Twitter user.

This led some Twitter users to launch a baseless conspiracy alleging that 32-year-old Hillary Duff was involved in child sex trafficking. The actress issued a statement calling the message "rubbish".

Hillary Duff s campaigner strongly condemned the horrific rumours circulating on social media. No evidence was found against Duff.

it's all fabricated by the heinous internet lies, created by trolls and fools and forever," said his preacher Ike! "Hillary's post this morning is all that needs to be said about this.

Everyone who knows Hillary is fully aware of what a wonderful mother she is and there is no need to comment further. If only people could use their power at this time. "

The devoted mother of two has a history of stopping any nonsense that follows her and her children.

Last year, he turned the camera on the paparazzi who said they were following him and his kids “everywhere” as they ran just a few days before Christmas.


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