US President Donald Trump Suggests disinfectant

US President Donald Trump Suggests disinfectant:

US President Donald Trump suggests disinfectant against Corona -researchers stunned - now there is an absurd excuse

Researchers are working intensively on medication for the coronavirus. US President Donald Trump also has specific suggestions.

Science has been harshly criticized for Donald Trump's proposal to inject people to fight Covid-19 disinfectants.

The German virologist and head of a medical laboratory, Dr Martin Striker to speak. Compared to the picture, he disassembled Donald Trump's wild corona theories.

He also emphasizes once again that the method proposed by Donald Trump is life-threatening ":" This is outrageous. I can't inject disinfectant into anybody, ”says Striker.

Coronavirus in USA - Donald Trump has an absurd excuse for a disinfectant proposal:

At a press conference in the White House on Thursday evening (local time), Donald Trump had encouraged researchers, among other things, to investigate ways in the fight against coronavirus to inject disinfectants directly into people.

A government expert said that the reason for his statement was: William Bryan from the Department of Homeland Security had previously explained that bleaching and disinfectants quickly killed the pathogen Sars-CoV-2 on dry metallic surfaces such as a door handle.

This met with a lot of criticism and ridicule - and triggered public warnings. Civil protection agencies in the US states of Washington and Maryland subsequently warned citizens against taking disinfectants.

The British consumer goods company Reckitt Benckiser, whose brands Sagrotan belongs, also said on Friday that disinfectants should "under no circumstances" be administered.

Coronavirus - Donald Trump wants to talk himself out of disinfectant statements:

Donald Trump had also pondered on Thursday night about options to bring strong light "into the body" to treat corona infections.

Bryan had previously described that the lifespan of the virus was dramatically shortened when exposed to direct sunlight.

Donald Trump stayed here on Friday. Perhaps there is something that helps with light and the human body, he said. You have to look at this. However, that is a matter for doctors. "I'm not a doctor."

Doctors and health officials outside the United States immediately warned against injecting or swallowing disinfectants.

At his daily Corona press conference at the White House on Friday, the president rejected any journalist questions.

While Donald Trump's pandemic press conferences typically last between one and two hours - sometimes even longer - ended on Friday after less than half an hour. Donald Trump left the room despite the journalists calling him questions.

Coronavirus In USA - Donald Trump with a strange excuse:

US President Donald Trump wants his controversial statements about possible therapeutic approaches against the coronavirus to be understood as sarcasm after much public criticism.

"I sarcastically asked reporters a question just to see what would happen," Donald Trump said at the White House in Washington on Friday. "I thought that would be clear."

Donald Trump said he hadn't wanted to call Americans to take disinfectants. He only asked a "very sarcastic" question to an "enemy group" of reporters.

Donald Trump with abstruse corona idea - Researchers should test life-threatening methods on people:

The first message from April 24, 2020: Washington - The suggestions of the US President are highly idiosyncratic: Donald Trump has encouraged researchers to test the direct use of disinfectants in the fight against the novel coronavirus.

Such a procedure would most likely be life-threatening. Donald Trump told the White House Thursday night (local time) in front of journalists that it would be "interesting" to investigate.

Coronavirus in the US - Trump wants to let infected disinfectants inject:

At a press conference immediately before, a government expert had stated that bleaching and disinfectants quickly killed the Sars-CoV-2  pathogen, for example on dry metallic surfaces such as a door handle.


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