The Last Kingdom season 4 reviews

Game of Thrones - The fourth season of  'The Last Kingdom' has started:

Everything seemed very simple. With the Odysseus List, the warrior Uhtred and his companions finally wanted to recapture Bebbanburg.

Fight on your behalf, become master of your own life, all's well that ends well. But before his son can open the gate of the family fortress for him and his warriors, the Troy trick goes wrong.

And in the process, a character dies, the viewer's death almost as dismayed as the execution of Eddard Stark in the first season of "Game of Thrones".

We are back in Britain in the ninth century, in the history of Uhtred, son of Uhtred von Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon), who was betrayed by his uncle as a boy, not only for his inheritance but for his identity.

As a hostage and foster son of the Viking Ragnar, he was torn between his Saxon roots and his Danish family.

He becomes the main fighter alongside King Alfred of Wessex who dreams of a peaceful, united Britain - a difficult, changeable alliance, friendship, love full of anger and doubt,

which is in the third season of the films of the "Saxon Stories" by Bernard Cornwell came to a dramatic, stirring, but unsatisfactory end with Alfred's death.

King Edward wants to do justice to the father:

Because Alfred's son, the young King Edward (Timothy Inside) is inexperienced and in the urge to do justice to the great father, inconsistent and not unresponsive to false whispers.

And the Danes around the murderous Viking Cnut (Magnus Bruun) and his more matter-of-fact companion Brida (Emily Cox) march towards Mercien to conquer good settlement land, and lure the ruler there, who in turn is deceitful Aethelred (Toby Regbo) into a trap.

In any case, Alfred's vision seems to be moving beyond reach under the striving for power and ambition of many solo players.

Uhtred could confidently turn his back on the intrigues, intrigues and the bellicose gear that takes place in Mercian and Wessex.

But loyalty is important to him, especially because he feels love for Aethelfled (Millie Brady), the beautiful and noble daughter of Alfred.

"Destiny is everything" - with this sentence, every episode of "The Last Kingdom" began pathos thick since 2015. And in season four there is fate by the cent.

'The Last Kingdom' a kind of 'Game of Thrones' without magic:

Millions around the world could hardly have expected Stephen Butchard to continue this complex series of histories.

Which was worth seeing under the wing of the BBC, but has become a terrific one with the financial injection from Netflix.

Every picture here is opulent, "The Last Kingdom" has become a kind of "Game of Thrones" without magical components.

And as Uhtred, Alexander Dreymon, in his mixture of courage, melancholy and masculinity, is a similarly attractive and romantic crowd puller as Kit Harington was in "GoT" as Jon Schnee.

Historians may be angry about the details about traditional costumes, personal hygiene or the cool way of Uhtred's carrying his sword on his back, but the big picture is coherent and gives the viewer an idea of ​​the world of the ninth century.

And the relevance to the present? We are currently experiencing the old story of the great community idea endangered by Egotrips - in the times of refugee, climate and corona crisis - with the idea of ​​Europe.


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