Stirling Moss

Stirling Moss - 'Champion Without A Crown':

Sir Stirling Moss in motorsport is what Pelé is for football and Muhammad Ali for boxing. The Briton is considered the best Formula 1 driver who never became world champion.

Now he died at the age of 90. British motorsport legend Sir Stirling Moss is dead. "He died the way he lived and looked wonderful," said his wife, Susie Moss, the Daily Mail newspaper.

"He just fell asleep in the end. He closed his eyes and that's it." Stirling Moss  Craufurd Moss is considered by many to be the best Formula 1 driver who never became world champion.

Four times Stirling Moss was second in the World Cup, three times third. The Briton had 16 Grand Prix victories, winning more races than 17 of the 33 world champions to date.

He took part in 529 races in various classes and won 212 times. Stirling Moss was always close to fulfilling his dream of the title.

In 1958, he had to hand over the title to his compatriot Mike Hawthorn - because he had campaigned for his opponent when he was disqualified after second place at the Portuguese Grand Prix.

In 1962, Stirling Moss had a serious accident on the Goodwood race track. He suffered numerous fractures and brain damage and was now in a coma.

A year later, his racing career ended on the same route: Stirling Moss drove a Lotus in the rain on an empty course. After 30 minutes he got out of the car and said, "I'm not responding quickly enough."

Stirling Moss became a real estate agent "because you don't have to be able to do anything for it," as he once said. Stirling Moss, who was knighted in 2000, could not stop racing until old age.

In a James Bond film, he drove the villains' getaway car. He lent his voice to the racing car Roary for a cartoon series.

"When Sir Stirling Moss was racing, men were men. It was a really dangerous time."

In oldtimer races, he was at the start until old age. Even at the motorsport festivals in Goodwood, he raced through the Fordwater curve more regularly.

But he did not want to trade with the younger generation: "We just had a lot more fun.

When the racing flag fell, we were tough as hell and fought against each other. Otherwise, we were friends. We did it for the fun of it."

In December 2016, Stirling Moss suffered a severe breast infection, and in January 2018 he declared his withdrawal from the public.

His wife attended his 90th birthday celebrations in September 2019 without him. Sir Stirling Moss died on Easter Sunday at the age of 90 in his home in London.


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