Simone Kowalski

Germany's next top model 2019 Simone Kowalski:

For a long time, it was quiet around Simone Kowalski. Now the "GNTM" winner of 2019 is celebrating an exciting comeback and is using it for clarification.

Simone Kowalski (22) won the 14th season of "Germany's next top model" in 2019. It quickly became quiet about her.

But now the model is back with new pictures - in the German April issue of the men's magazine "Playboy".

Her drive behind the revealing photos: "I want to express that you have to go through difficult times, even if you do not always observe the desired backing." An allusion to her time in Heidi Klum's (46) casting show?

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Kowalski was considered one of the show's favourites from an early age, but at the same time, she was also stamped with the "Drama Queen", as she says.

She blames her past for that. "It had to do with my physical problems, which unfortunately did not relieve many of me," said the 22-year-old in the magazine interview.

The former competitive athlete had found a running error that initially led to back pain and foot cramps, then to three operations.

New confidence through nude shooting:

Today the model is doing better. Says Kowalski, looking back: "Maybe I had underestimated the strain on 'Germany's next top model'." With the "Playboy" pictures, she says she has "really gained confidence again, I'm very satisfied".


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