Bernie Sanders news

Bernie Sanders news:

For Donald Trump, the Senator's withdrawal is "a strange thing". In truth, he did not get out, he says and at the same time woos for his disappointed followers.

US President Donald Trump considers the withdrawal of left-wing Senator Bernie Sanders from the US Democratic presidential race inconsistent.

"He didn't get out," Trump said at the White House in Washington on Wednesday evening (local time).

So Bernie Sanders hold on to his delegates' votes and wants to collect more in the next primaries. "This is not an exit," said Trump.

"It's a strange thing that's going on." He assumed that Bernie Sanders wanted to use the delegate votes as a lever for negotiations.

Bernie Sander shad announced that he would remain on the ballot for the remainder of the primaries to continue collecting delegate votes - although he no longer wanted to officially apply for the Democratic presidential candidacy.

The 78-year-old announced this on Wednesday, clearing the way for former US Vice President Joe Biden.

This is now the only remaining candidate and is almost a challenger for Republican incumbent Trump in the presidential election in early November - long before the primaries end.

Bernie Sanders said Biden and he would stand together to defeat Trump. Experts see the fact that he wants to win over additional delegates as an attempt to at least keep influence on the content.

This would happen at the Democratic nomination convention, which was supposed to take place in June but has now been postponed due to the corona pandemic.

Bernie Sanders won many followers - at least at the beginning of the application phase, the Vermont senator led the national polls.

On so-called Super Tuesday, the most important pre-election day with votes in fourteen states, Biden won in ten states.

The 77-year-old continued his winning streak on the next major pre-election days and extended his lead over Bernie Sanders.

Trump, in turn, now hopes that disappointed Bernie Sanders supporters will now vote for him.

This also happened in the 2016 election, in which Bernie Sanders had also unsuccessfully sought the presidential candidacy of the Democrats, the president said in the White House.

When it comes to trade, for example, Bernie Sanders and he are on the same line, Trump said.

According to his campaign team, the US president will "destroy" the Democratic nominee at the November vote.

Trump continues to crack encrusted Washington while Biden is the candidate for the Democratic party elite, a statement said.


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