remdesivir coronavirus

Remdesivir coronavirus:

Coronavirus - A hundred-year-old vaccine is becoming topical, a drug is having great success - two positive reports raise hopes.

A small-scale experiment with monkeys is hoping that Remdesivir will help against the coronavirus-induced lung disease COVID-19.

The animals' state of health had improved significantly twelve hours after treatment, and this trend would then have continued over the entire one-week study period.

The scientists infected two groups of six rhesus monkeys each with the pathogen Sars-Cov-2. One of the two groups was given the active ingredient Remdesivir twelve hours later, shortly before the virus concentration in the lungs peaked.

While only one of the animals in the treatment group suffered from slight breathing difficulties despite Remdesivir therapy, the health status of the control group deteriorated rapidly.

Here, all six monkeys struggled with severe breathing difficulties. Coronavirus - "Remdesivir" apparently works - even a 100-year-old vaccine gives hope

The first report from April 17th:

Chicago / Brazil / Munich - It has long been known that Remdesivir, an active ingredient that has been tested in the fight against Ebola, may also be effective against SARS-CoV-2 and cure the disease COVID-19.

A Munich Infectiologist is also working on this and other active substances in collaboration with other researchers worldwide.

A Munich risk patient * was even cured of a coronavirus infection with the drug. However, according to the US health magazine Stat, there are increasing signs that Remdesivir could become the first approved active ingredient.

The US pharmaceutical company Gilead - one of the largest pharmaceutical companies worldwide - is currently conducting a study in collaboration with several hospitals.

Official results are not yet available - but first results are seeping out of Chicago that gives hope. 133 patients were treated with Remdesivir, including 125 in critical condition.

Most of the symptoms * such as fever and breathing problems decreased after a few days and could be released. "Only" three patients died.

Coronavirus drug - Sad news from Brazil:

How narrow the line on which researchers and doctors are walking can be seen, for example, in Brazil: Here, too, people hopefully opted for a new drug - but with a completely different result.

Of 81 patients treated with the malaria drug chloroquine, 11 died, the study in Manau was cancelled, as Deutsche Welle reports - dismayed that people from risk groups * were treated with an overdosed drug cocktail of chloroquine and antibiotics.

The use of ventilators in the treatment of Covid19 - for a long time the number of ventilators was considered the measure of all things in the fight against the novel coronavirus - has become a matter of controversy.

A vaccine of all things that could never convince against another disease is now gaining the interest of researchers - a study with a thousand volunteers has started in Hanover.

Doctors, as well as nursing and emergency services personnel, were vaccinated here with the vaccine Bacillus-Calmette-Guérin (BCG) - it should help against tuberculosis a hundred years ago and is now being used with improved genetic engineering.

An immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is not expected from this drug, but that it strengthens people's immune defences against the virus.


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