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OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro Differences:

New smartphones from China. The OnePlus 8 and the better-equipped Pro model have just been introduced, so the question arises where the differences can be found.

The price range of the two models is a maximum of 300 euros and you should already know what the decisive differences are.

We'll show you the most important ones here. OnePlus has many of the same components in its two models in the OnePlus 8 series.

In short, the processor, the housing material, the antenna technology, the software, the memory versions and the front camera are the same or almost identical.

So why should you treat yourself to the more expensive OnePlus 8 Pro? In the following, we will show you three differences that you should consider when making your decision.

Two somewhat softer features right at the front: The bottom line of OnePlus smartphones in terms of new purchase prices is more stable than most of the competition. So there are little differences here.

This is also due to the good update supply for the Chinese. As a rule, it applies to the weakly equipped device of the smartphone couple as well as to the respective Pro model.

Consequently, the updated supply is not a real reason to buy for or against one of the models.

The Equipment Of OnePlus 8:

Two innovations were the excitement when introducing the OnePlus 8: OnePlus finally found it necessary to introduce IP certification and offer wireless charging.

What has been standard for many manufacturers for years has now moved into OnePlus? This closes a gap in the range of equipment that has long been gaping between OnePlus and manufacturers such as Huawei and Samsung.

The problem is that OnePlus has only closed this gap on the Pro model. The normal OnePlus 8 is left out.

Anyone who has whistled on these properties, which many users have dismissed as gimmicks, can use the OnePlus 8 here.

Those who have always had sweat on their foreheads because they were out in the rain with an OnePlus smartphone would prefer to go for the Pro model.

Speaking of which: the 5G equipment highlight is included with both smartphones.

The Camera Of OnePlus 8:

The OnePlus 8 Pro is also better off with the camera. Here the difference to the real high-end models of the competition is clearer than in the equipment.

The datasheet of the normal OnePlus 8 is more reminiscent of a good mid-range smartphone. The OnePlus 8 Pro, on the other hand, is already set up with a real Telecamera for the upper-class area.

Either you choose the triple camera including a rather bashful macro function or just the pro model with a quad camera with three real focal lengths and an additional support sensor.

A clear difference that needs to be carefully considered in the purchase decision.

Those who place more value on their Instagram account and selfies anyway can safely forget this section because the front camera is the same on both models.

The Display Of Oneplus 8:

In theory, the displays of the two models in the OnePlus 8 series are miles apart. But this is exactly where there is a real risk when evaluating for or against one of the models.

Yes, in short, the display of the OnePlus 8 Pro is a grenade. 120 Hz and over 500 PPI pixel density with wonderful AMOLED colours.

They shine vigorously and animations flow only over the display and into the eye of the beholder. But all of this is hardly noticeable in everyday life.

In contrast, OnePlus 8 offers 90 Hz. A strong value that is also one of the very good on the market. Besides, a full HD AMOLED panel.

With the resolution, Huawei has thus made its rise to Apple and Samsung. And with this resolution, the standard model manages the 400 PPI mark. So far above the limit of the visible area.

This difference is the theoretically strongest but in practice the weakest of the two models.

With a trained eye and a second device as a reference, hardly any user will walk around and be annoyed in everyday life that one of their devices has a somewhat weaker display. So here applies: Only display gourmets should see a real reason to buy here.

OnePlus 8 Model Fits You:

OnePlus offers two smartphones at prices from 700 to 1,000 euros. So which one should you choose?

If your main criteria are future security, storage space, speed, the front camera, the design or the software, it doesn't matter which of the two smartphones you buy.

After all, all of these properties are mastered equally well by the two models of the OnePlus 8. However, the situation is different with the three main differences that we have shown you.

Here you have to weigh up. Our recommendation is to think through the three differences with "I need" and "I don't need".

If you need two of the three, take another look at the price of the pro model. Are the two of you worth up to 300 euros?

If so, then go for the larger Pro model. If not, we recommend the normal model with a large storage capacity.

Because 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of main memory are sometimes a strong ace in calming your conscience at having spent 800 euros on a smartphone.

The Alternative: Smartphone Do Not Have To Be Expensive:

Alternatives to the two new flagships from OnePlus are practically on the road. The selection is huge and, by the way, very good models are already available for under 500 euros.

We, therefore, recommend that you always take a look at the under 500 euro class.


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