Markus Lanz

Markus Lanz:

Despite the corona crisis, there was a new episode of the talk show "Markus Lanz" on ZDF on Tuesday evening.

However, this time without an audience, with fewer guests in the studio and a corresponding distance between the chairs.

Virologist Hendrik Streeck worked extensively on "Markus Lanz" this evening on the measures taken so far to contain the corona crisis - and also criticized the German government.

Besides, ZDF journalist Johannes Hano painted a dramatic picture from the USA.

Markus Lanz - Talk show under corona conditions:

It looked almost a bit lonely: only three guests next to Markus Lanz in the studio, no audience.

But because of the coronavirus, the talk show also tries to reduce the risk of infection for everyone involved.

However, the mentioned distance between the chairs remained purely metaphorical - because on many things virologist Hendrik Streeck, theologian Margot Käßmann, economist Marcel Fratzscher,

journalist Johannes Hano and criminal lawyer Reinhard Merkel largely agreed. Hano and Merkel were connected via video.

Virologist Hendrick Streeck, professor of virology and director of the Institute of Virology and HIV Research at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bonn,

explains that when he was researching the coronavirus, he mainly focused on the effects on humans and possible contagion routes.

Streeck - So far no contamination via surfaces:

His findings, which are sure to reassure many: On his cell phone, doorknobs, cats or in the supermarket, he and his team had been able to identify "no living virus from any surface".

Even with a family in Heinsberg, which was highly infectious, no viruses were found on surfaces in the house.

The main danger is when many people spend hours together in a confined space, such as at parties or soccer games.

When it came to Heinsberg, Streeck was surprised by the behaviour of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

He was “surprised” by the fact that the authority leading in the fight against the coronavirus did not carry out an extensive study in the district in NRW in which the virus had infected a particularly large number of people.

He initially asked the RKI but received information from there that such a study was not currently being carried out and was also not being considered.

"I found it a duty as a virologist that we should do this," Streeck cautiously criticized, who then began to investigate the group himself.

Criticism of the federal government:

In addition to the RKI, the 42-year-old also saw misconduct with the German government in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

The first measures taken were not given enough time to be able to check whether they were effective.

Instead, new measures were taken very quickly one after the other, so that it was now impossible to check which ones contributed to the containment.

But he also emphasizes: "Turning this back would be wrong." Another point of criticism: So far, the Federal Government has not been broad enough.

So far there has not been a round table or a centred exchange with virologists from China. At the moment, the federal government is very reliant on the RKI. But: "All virologists work differently," explains Street.

What Mr Drosten does, I couldn't do as well as Mr Drosten can. But what I do, Mr Drosten is not as good as I can be, "he explains, adding:" I just think it's a shame that the government approached the issue more monothematically. "

US correspondent paints a dramatic picture:

In addition to virologist Hendrick Streeck, the audience in front of the TV screens also remembers the conversation with ZDF journalist Johannes Hano, who was added from the United States.

He drew a dramatic picture from the US metropolis of New York. "The virus has been given enough time here. The American president played it all down for a month, "said Hano.

In the meantime, refrigerated trucks would be standing in front of the hospitals because the morgues of the hospitals were overcrowded.

"The next four weeks will only be about survival," the shocking forecast said. You have to do everything you can to get the situation under control again and as quickly as possible.


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