Let's dance

The performance of the participant's increases:

Show number of 7, the first show after the Easter break and I'm thrilled right away.

The madness! Unfortunately, more than half of "Let's Dance" 2020 is over again, but now it is getting really exciting.

The air is getting thin, the performance of all participants increases every week. And with the great performances, I can hardly decide on my highlights, because all the stars went full throttle this time.

Ilka, so proud of you!

Ilka Bessin and her dance partner Erich Klein started the seventh show with full power.

They made a great performance, their energy was very good and they increased a lot. Ilka, tango is your dance. I'm so proud of you!

Martin and Marta touched the hearts of the audience:

Martin Klempnow and Marta Arndt also put one on this week. Slowfox is not an easy dance, but they did it brilliantly.

Yes, it wasn't all perfect. But none is perfect. The most important thing is to touch the hearts of the audience. And that's what they did. Please continue.

Lili Paul-Roncalli earned the 30 points:

What a samba, what a woman! Lili Paul-Roncalli goes through her everyday life so modestly, but she is confident and hot on the dance floor!

She has incredible power, fascinating body control and a mega sympathetic charisma. What more do you want as a viewer? She has earned her 30 points.

Just like Moritz and Renata. A contemporary at its finest. It rarely happens, but with this dance, I had to look at the celebrity all the time.

I was so fascinated by Moritz, by his energy, by his emotions, by his development. Who would have thought in the beginning that the boy would dance so well?

And that's no luck, that's hard work - thanks to Renata. So are the supposed underdogs, of which I always become a fan.

With the jury dances, we were given an extra helping of mood and feeling. That's why I remain neutral and say to each team: Thank you! Thank you for these wonderful dances.

Show 7, we are approaching the finale. But that also means: we still have at least as many wonderful and unforgettable moments ahead of us. Oh, I'm looking forward to the next Friday!


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