Kingsman 3 release date

Kingsman 3 Release Date:

The comic book versions "Kingsman movie - The Secret Service" and "The Golden Circle" were box office hits. Fans can look forward to two more parts.

In 2014, director Matthew Vaughn made a surprise hit with the film adaptation of the agent comic "Kingsman movie - The Secret Service", which was also continued in 2017 with "Kingsman movie - The Golden Circle".

The films tell the story of young Eggsy (Taron Egerton), who, with the help of agent Harry Hart (Colin Firth), grows from a small crook to a spy for the private organization Kingsmen.

From now on, he fought evil in their name in the best James Bond manner. Doesn't sound original, but it is extremely well received by fans.

After two adventures, they are waiting desperately for supplies - and that's on the way! Already on September 17, 2020, "The King’s Man - The Beginning" is set to launch a prequel in cinemas.

Kingsman 3 Movie: sequel comes after the prequel

Once again, this comes from director Vaughn and tells the story of the agent saga - but with completely new actors.

But since fans are primarily interested in the story about Eggsy and Harry Hart, the calls for an actual continuation of the "Kingsman movie" series are getting louder.

And Matthew Vaughn fulfils this wish of his followers. "Kingsman 3 Movie" is already being planned. So far, there is no start date, nor are there any details about the story.

What is certain, however, is that the third part of the series is once again devoted to the relationship between Eggsy and Hart. Speaking to an online magazine, Matthew Vaughn said he wanted to finish telling the two of them.

Kingsman 3 Movie: probably won't start until 2022:

It would be conceivable that the director again uses one of the comic templates to continue the series.

With the books "The Big Exit" and "The Red Diamond" it still offers a lot of potential for exciting stories and deals with current topics such as Brexit.

Since the production status for "Kingsman 3 Movie" is not known, it is currently difficult to estimate when you can expect the sequel to continue.

A cinema release seems possible at the earliest in 2021, but a release in 2022 is much more likely.


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