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New Jumanji Film Planned:

When Sony announced a new Jumanji film in 2015, hardly anyone expected the series to be reborn as a new blockbuster franchise.

The first reactions to the launch of a reboot of the popular nineties fantasy adventure film with Robin Williams were even very negative.

But Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle showed two years later that with all the scepticism and rejection in advance, the end product is ultimately decisive.

The film was very pleasantly surprising, provided two hours of fabulous popcorn entertainment and scored with a very well harmonizing acting ensemble, the masterpiece of which was that Kevin Hart was not annoying for a change

 Welcome to the jungle became a worldwide mega-hit that grossed nearly $ 1 billion. Only two years later came the sequel to Jumanji:

The Next Level, which was not quite as successful, but still filled Sony's bank accounts properly with just under $ 800 million in revenue.

In Germany, the strip was even more successful than its predecessor with almost 2.5 million viewers.

Unlike Welcome to the Jungle, The Next Level included a credits scene that prepared the next film straight away.

In the scene, the world of Jumanji spills over into our reality, similar to what happened in the original film with Robin Williams. After two exciting adventures within the games, that would be a refreshing change again.

But what about a successor anyway? Director Jake Kasdan recently confirmed to The Next Level's home theatre release that the first talks about the next film started just before the Corona crisis broke out:

Kasdan speaks of a third film, but strictly speaking, the next sequel would be Jumanji 4, since Welcome to the Jungle was established as a continuation of the original film with a reference to Williams' character Alan Parrish.

If we're honest, this was only to appease the reboot and remake opponents, because by all other standards the film was a reboot. For the sake of accuracy, we still speak of Jumanji 4 when we mean the next film.

Jumanji: The Next Level was released just two years after Welcome to the Jungle to benefit from the film's popularity as quickly as possible.

The wait until Jumanji 4 will probably be longer because Dwayne Johnson's busy schedule is full and because of Corona, everything is currently being postponed.

The fans of the last two films were already asking themselves whether Johnson, Hart, Jack Black and Karen Gillan as avatars Smolder Bravestone, Mouse Finbar, Shelly Oberon and Ruby Roundhouse will be there again if they are no longer within the Jumanji world should play me.

Kasdan didn't answer the question directly, but emphasized how important the cast was for the films:

The young actors may get bigger roles in the next film than before, but the core quartet Johnson, Hart, Black and Gillan will almost certainly return because the series' surprise success is on their shoulders.

Are you interested in Jumanji 4?

Is a new Jumanji part already planned?

Going off again in the jungle soon: There should be another sequel to the hit movie. According to director Jake Kasdan, the third part of the new edition of Jumanji is already in the first phase of planning.

It was the hit movie in 2017 and a highlight of the 90s revival: the remake of the classic Jumanji. Originally, acting legend Robin Williams is honoured, the film was released in 1995.

The remake with Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Karen Gillan and Kevin Hart was thrilling but also difficult: the blockbuster grossed $ 796 million worldwide.

Of course, there had to be a sequel. "Jumanji Next Level" (2019) delighted the fans and generated mostly positive reactions, but the box office result could not quite match its predecessor.

There is said to be a Jumanji sequel anyway:

Numbers or not - there should still be a sequel. At least that revealed US director Jake Kasdan in an NME interview.

He was responsible for the two parts of the remake and deliberately put a cliffhanger at the end of "Jumanji Next Level".

Accordingly, the third part of the remake (or the fourth part, if you include the original from 1995) is about the video game becoming reality.

According to the director, the foundation and most important factor of the project are still the actors. As Kasdan explains in the interview, the interplay between the four protagonists is crucial.

You have to agree with him: The dynamic between The Rock and Kevin Hart is great, Jack Black and his change of character are just fun and Karen Gillan convinces as a cool fighter. So we would be at the start of the fourth part of the franchise!

Jumanji 4, Nothing has been confirmed yet:

So even if all the signs are positive and it seems as if the next "Rumble in the Jungle" is almost upon us: nothing has been officially confirmed yet.

Neither Sony nor the individual actors have so far commented on a new part. However, it would not be surprising if they were back at the start.

At least Karen Gillan and Jack Black told us in the NOIZZ interview that Jumanji was an absolute dream project:

The atmosphere on the set and with each other is a bombshell and the global reception is very warm. Here you can watch the video of our interview again:

jumanji actors

'Jumanji 3' - The story is almost fixed for the director:

"Jumanji 3" (or "Jumanji 4" if you count the 1995 Robin Williams film) is in the works. This is assured by director Jakes Kasdan, who is currently working on the script for the sequel.

Where do the "Jumanji" films start? If you start with Joe Johnston's 1995 fantasy adventure starring Robin Williams, there are already three "Jumanji" films.

But if you only count with "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" (2017) since the big reboot of the series, then the next "Jumanji" film is only the third part of the series.

Either way, Jake Kasdan, who directed all new films with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, promises an even more powerful sequel to "Jumanji 3".

What is the plot of "Jumanji 3"?

In a recent interview with Collider on April 7, 2020, director Jake Kasdan promised an exciting plot for the third film after "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" and "Jumanji: The Next Level" (2019).

He did not want to reveal any more details yet. We can assume that the heroes from the previous films will experience a new adventure in the Jumanji game.

Even though the cinema series has now moved far from Chris Van Allsburg's children's book template, "Jumanji 3" promises the tried and tested mix of spectacular action, slapstick comedy and adventure film.

The post-credits scene of "Jumanji: The Next Level" already made it clear that there would be a third party. It was particularly tempting to suggest that "Jumanji 3" will play in reality again.

Because of the Corona crisis, the production of "Jumanji 3" has not yet started. Of great importance in part 3 will be the villain from part 2, Jurgen the Brutal (Rory McCann from "Game of Thrones").

It has already been implied that he is also a character that is controlled from reality. The real identity of the player will become an important element of the new film.

Who is part of the cast of "Jumanji 3"?

We can expect all of the main cast members to return to the cast of "Jumanji 3": Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Karen Gillan and Nick Jonas. Who else plays along is not yet clear.

When is the theatrical release of "Jumanji 3"?

It was exactly two years between "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" and "Jumanji: The Next Level".

According to the calculation, "Jumanji 3" should be released in 2021. Unfortunately, the Corona crisis intervened. That's why a cinema release is only realistic in 2022.

When will the German trailer for "Jumanji 3" be available?

There is no official trailer for "Jumanji 3" yet. We can probably only expect the first pictures in late 2021 or early 2022.

Which FSK release will there be for "Jumanji 3"?

"Jumanji 3" will be based on the FSK approval of the previous films and will certainly also strive for approval from the age of twelve.

So it goes on for Dwayne Johnson in "Hobbs and Shaw 2". Is Johnson part of "Fast & Furious 9"? So there are chances for "Vaiana 2" with the former wrestler.


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