Huntsman movie & Ice Queen

The Huntsman movie & The Ice Queen:

"The Huntsman movie & The Ice Queen": Chris Hemsworth explains why "Snow White And The Huntsman 2" failed

"Snow White & The Huntsman Movie" was continued with "The Huntsman Movie & The Ice Queen". The sequel failed, however, which was due to a misunderstanding, according to leading actor Chris Hemsworth.

When, after the release of "Snow White & The Huntsman movie" (2012), an affair between the leading actress Kristen Stewart and the married director Rupert Sanders became known, a successor was put on hold. Part 2 came in 2016.

"The Huntsman Movie & The Ice Queen" largely failed in the criticism and flopped at the box office. Lead actor Chris Hemsworth has a theory of why.

"I think we just never really got to the point with the film," he said in an interview with Variety. In his opinion, the main reason was that there was no consensus on the tone of the film.

"I thought we were making a not so dark version." The actor explained that he sometimes felt like "in another film" because his colleagues (such as Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain and Emily Blunt) were brilliant, but different but put highly dramatic performances to him.

Better Than "Snow White And The Huntsman"? The Critic Part 2:

International criticism met "The Huntsman Movie & The Ice Queen" with rejection in large parts: The film only got 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, the critical consensus there even described it as "completely unnecessary".

Although we could understand Hemsworth's objections to the "unexpectedly tragic" film, we still enjoyed the "visually impressive action" and the "charismatic actors".


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