Good Friday 2020

Good Friday 2020:

Good Friday
 before the Easter weekend is one of the most important holidays in Christianity. Today, Catholic and Protestant Christians traditionally commemorate the death of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Where in Germany is Good Friday a public holiday - and what other rules apply?

Where is Good Friday a public holiday?

Good Friday is a public holiday in all German states. This is not the case in neighbouring Austria. Until last year, only Protestants were free on Good Friday.

However, after the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that the previous Good Friday regulation was discriminatory, the government decided to introduce a new regulation allowing all workers to take a "personal holiday" in the future.

The "personal holiday" can also be claimed without a religious connection, for example on the wedding day. It must be taken from the regular vacation days.

What does a "silent holiday" mean?

Good Friday is a so-called "silent holiday" in Germany, which means that some restrictions apply. For example, the ban on dancing ensures that no dance or sporting events are allowed to take place.

Markets and cultural events such as musicals, opera or theatre performances are also affected by the ban. Certain films may not be shown on Good Friday either.

However, the regulations can vary from state to state, for example, in some states, dance events are prohibited on Maundy Thursday, in other countries, such as in Berlin, the rules are significantly more moderate.

Who has free time on Good Friday?

Since Good Friday is a public holiday, employees are generally free. Pupils can also stay at home.

Are the shops open?

All shops are usually closed on Good Friday. However, because of the corona crisis, several federal states have relaxed the regulations on shop closing times.

Grocery stores, in particular, are allowed to open on Good Friday and Easter holidays. However, a survey by the German press agency at Edeka, Rewe, Aldi, Lidl and Co.showed that the large German food retailers want to keep their shops closed as usual on Easter holidays.

The retail chains appealed to customers to do their shopping for the festival as early as possible to avoid a rush of customers on Maundy Thursday or Holy Saturday, which is difficult to cope with due to the measures against the corona pandemic. At the same time, they emphasized that the supply of goods was secured.

Good Friday and Easter in isolation - congregations with alternative ideas to celebrate:

It has been clear for almost two weeks now: in 2020 the most important festival of Christianity in Germany will take place in front of empty pews.

On March 25, the Vatican decreed that priests and bishops in countries with exit and contact restrictions should perform the services of the Holy and Easter days "without the participation of the people".

However, live broadcasts on television, radio and the Internet are welcome. During the mass celebrations, some well-known rituals are cancelled.

According to the Vatican, the foot washing on Maundy Thursday is cancelled and there should be no baptisms on Easter night from Saturday to Sunday.

The fires in front of the churches, where pastors traditionally ignite the Easter light, will be eliminated in many places or will take place without a church.

In Teublitz in the Upper Palatinate, the team of the Parish of Sacred Heart wants to bring the Easter light to the people anyway and calls for candles to be placed on the garden fence.

The light would be carried through the streets on late Saturday evening and the candles lit, provided the people at the front doors - and at a safe distance - expressed their wish.

The traditional clatter on Good Friday and Holy Saturday is also Corona-compliant, provided that the participants keep a distance. To commemorate the suffering and death of Jesus, no church bells ring on the two days

In Gelsenkirchen, volunteers from the parish of Sankt Hippolytus packed around 300 bags with Easter candles and impulses.

They put them on the doorstep of parishioners who had previously ordered a package. The Franconian Benedictine Abbey of Münsterschwarzach also offers such a set in its online shop.

The "(Kl) Easter package" contains, among other things, across from the monastery goldsmith and instructions for house devotions.

The Catholic Youth Office in Freiburg makes suggestions for a Christian Easter in your own four walls.

On Easter night, families and shared apartments, for example, can darken a room and carry a lit candle inside, according to In...

The Catholic Youth Office in Freiburg makes suggestions for a Christian Easter in your own four walls.

On Easter night, families and shared apartments, for example, can darken a room and carry a lit candle in, according to the website.

For example, on Palm Sunday, the diocese had asked that palm branches be attached to the front doors.

Pope celebrates Good Friday because of Corona crisis without pilgrims:

Pope Francis is today celebrating the traditional Way of the Cross on Good Friday (9 p.m.) because of the Corona crisis this year without pilgrims.

Usually thousands of believers from all over the world travel to Rome for this emotionally moving ritual before Easter. The procession traditionally portrays Jesus' suffering and his way to death on the cross in 14 stations.

The Catholic Church moved the event from the Colosseum in Rome to St. Peter's Square because of the corona pandemic.


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