German Olympic athlete Laura Muller Is Engagement By Michael Wendler:

Pop singer Michael Wendler proposed to his girlfriend Laura Müller. At last. Nothing stands in the way of a happy marriage and a good TV quota.

Two people, he attention-grabbing pop singer, she needs to be informed IT girl with RTL television career, got engaged.

Michael Wendler and Laura Müller have published a photo on their Instagram profiles that the couple is supposed to show at the moment of their engagement.

A roof terrace in the setting sun in front of Cologne Cathedral is adorned with a few vases with roses and matching carpets.

Besides, silver-coloured candlesticks with tea lights, a skillfully staged leg and a kiss that even Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'Hara could not have done more intimately.

And if one of her almost 800,000 Instagram fans still doesn't understand that the foundation for the next happy marriage has been laid, she or he writes: I said yes./She said yes.

The engagement did not come as a surprise. In February, Laura announced in the trailer for the RTL program "Let's dance" than 19 years was the perfect age for her to get married.

She had her family future in mind. It should be two children. But the catch of the matter back then: the pop singer had never made any proposal to her.

The steep template for the headlines of the coming weeks, including a good audience rating for the dance program, was laid and the tension among the fans grew.

When and above all how would the question of all questions in Wendler's staging be? So now sunset with Cologne Cathedral.

The pop singer, who speaks of himself as "the Wendler", was almost forgotten when he presented a friend a little over a year ago.

The publicity scandal was perfect: separated from his wife, who was also his manager, an 18-year-old student appeared alongside the then 46-year-old - and the singer was again present.

The student who first threw her high school diploma, then adorned the Playboy and now dances on RTL, was sent to someone whose profile you can see on Instagram and earn her own money even without professional training.

The wedding is a logical intermediate step in the celebrity career. No, because the name is only a stage name of the pop singer. This wedding is not about the name of the woman, but that of the man.

The pop singer was born Skowronek but changed it when he married his manager Claudia Norberg in 2009, from whom he had just divorced.

For the time being, he will keep this last name, but his former wife has ruled out that her successor should have the same name as herself.

Therefore, Michael Wendler could simply call himself Laura Müller after the wedding. That also works great as "the miller".

The couple follows in the footsteps of celebrities like Sarah Connor and Marc Terenzi or Gülcan Karahancı (if you don't know who it was again: Viva presenter) and Sebastian Kamps (baker's son) and marries in front of the camera.

The spectacle will be accompanied by RTL, Vox and TV NOW. Hopefully, the serenade after the wedding will be brought by the singer himself and not, as was the case at Gülcan's wedding, the father of the fair techno, Scooter.


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