Face mask

Face mask:

If you want to set up a face scan with the mask, the iPhone complains that the face is covered.

In Germany, face masks have so far only been recommended in public, in some countries it is no longer permitted to go outside without these protective agents.

A problem for all iPhone users from iPhone X onwards, as the newer generations rely on facial recognition instead of fingerprint recognition.

Without Face ID, unlocking the iPhone is not only slower but also less hygienic.

With a few tricks, however, you can set the face recognition of the iPhone so that it recognizes the user even with a face half covered.

A note in advance - we had to try this several times until we were able to set up a more or less reliable face recognition.

1. Fold your face mask in the middle and attach the two eyelets to the ear, hold the mask with one hand in your face so that it covers it exactly in the middle.

2. Go to Settings - Face ID And Code and select the 'Alternative appearance' option. Please note that the function is only active if you have only created the Face ID once. Otherwise, you have to reset the Face ID and set it up again.

3. When setting up Face ID, the True Depth camera will take a few seconds for the usual circle of rays to appear, by rotating your face in a circle to have it measured.

If the system complains that the face is covered, wait a bit, experience has shown that the furniture group still appears.

There are differences between the two generations of the true depth camera, because the discoverers of this tip, the students in the Tencent Xuanwu Lab, managed to get a Face ID with the face mask with the iPhone 11, which also the iPhone without a visible nose tip unlocked.


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