Easter Blessing

Easter in Rome - Pope gives blessing "Urbi et Orbi"

With the blessing "Urbi et Orbi" from St. Peter's Basilica, Francis addressed the faithful all over the world. His thoughts are with the sick, the dead and relatives.

Because of the corona pandemic, Francis demanded Relief for poor countries. In his Easter message, which was broadcast live on the Internet and television, 

The Pope wishes strength and hopes to all doctors and nurses who took care of the sick “to the point of exhaustion and not infrequently to the victim of their health”.

Francis also expressed hope of solace and help for those at particular risk of the corona pandemic, particularly nursing home workers, prisoners and prison staff.

Relief for poor countries:

The Pope called for debt relief in his message. Poor countries are barely equipped to fight the coronavirus pandemic, said, Francis.

International sanctions should now also be eased, the Pope continued. The current times allowed "no selfishness"

Lonely Easter in grief and misery:

Francis proclaimed his Easter message in front of the Confessio Altar, under which, according to Tradition, the tomb of the Apostle Peter is located.

He admitted that many believers celebrated a "lonely Easter this year, in grief and suffering, from physical suffering to financial difficulties".

Many people were concerned about an uncertain future and their jobs in the face of the Corona crisis.

The head of the church appealed to the politically responsible people to enable everyone to live a decent life and to help them return to everyday life if the circumstances permitted it.

Refugees and homeless people should not lack vital support, said Francis.

He called for international sanctions to be eased and debt relief for the poorest countries. About the dispute in the EU over Eurobonds, Francis warned of selfishness.

He appealed to the politically responsible to enable everyone to live a dignified life and to help them return to everyday life. Refugees and homeless people should not lack vital support.

The "Urbi et Orbi" blessing is the most important of the Catholic Church and is spoken at Christmas, Easter and after a papal election. During the crisis, the Pope donated him on March 27th.


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