Chernobyl now

Chernobyl now Forest fire:

The extinguishing work in the radioactively contaminated forest around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is ongoing.

Numerous hectares in the exclusion zone are on fire, fire fighting aircraft are in use. A serious explosion shook the Soviet Chernobyl nuclear power plant in 1986, and radioactive areas around the ruins were closed.

Dozens of hectares of forest are now on fire in and on the edge of this exclusion zone. For days now, firefighters have been fighting the fires in the radioactive forest in today's Ukraine.

The radioactive background radiation in the neighbouring areas of the Kyiv region is within the normal range, said the civil protection.

According to the authorities, around 25 hectares of forest are burning. Around 140 firefighters are deployed, supported by two fire-fighting planes and a helicopter.

Radioactivity increased?

According to the managing director of the Kyiv environmental agency, Yegor Firsov, dozens of hectares are burning outside the exclusion zone.

He also reported increased levels of radioactivity, but this has not been officially confirmed. The fires in the vicinity of the nuclear power plant broke out last Saturday.

The closed zone is largely uninhabited, tens of thousands have been forced to move. Around 200 people are said to have remained in the zone despite the order to leave.


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