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Boris Johnson News:

Boris Johnson is in the hospital. The crisis hits his country at the worst. Now there is a vengeance that he has not chosen his ministers for competence - but for whether they believe in Brexit.

It was around 8:00 p.m. on Sunday when millions of Brits were listening to their Queen's slogans in their living room when a limousine started to move in Downing Street.

Onboard: Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The goal: a hospital of the NHS, presumably the St. Thomas Clinic on the south bank of the Thames, from where patients have an unobstructed view of the Palace of Westminister.

A government spokesman rushed that evening to speculate about the condition of the head of government infected with Sars-CoV-2.

Johnson's transfer to the clinic as a precautionary measure, since he still had a fever ten days after the illness began.

On Monday morning, Robert Jenrick, Minister of Housing and a marginal figure in Johnson's cabinet, said that he was doing "well". The prime minister will continue to run government affairs from the hospital.

Very few know exactly how Boris Johnson is doing:

Not everyone in the UK, however, was reassured by the quick appeasements. Too often, the statements from Downing Street in the fight against the coronavirus crisis had recently turned out to be premature, exaggerated or simply wrong.

The pound, a sure barometer of the mood in the markets, crashed at the beginning of the week, with rumours circulating on the social networks about Johnson's actual condition.

At that point, they lacked any basis. But it is also clear: Apart from doctors and closest confidants, nobody knows how Johnson is currently doing.

On March 27, the 55-year-old himself announced that he had been infected with the new coronavirus in a good mood in a video message to the British.

He has a cough and fever and will, therefore, isolate himself for seven days. At the same time, Johnson's partner Carrie Symonds was in quarantine, and it is now said that the two of them have not been tested, but most likely have been infected.

From his apartment in 11 Downing Street, Johnson has since spoken to the public several times with cell phone videos, most recently on Friday, always with the jovial title "Hi people!" and always in a good mood.

His last public appearance was last Thursday when he came out like millions of Brits to applaud doctors and nurses.

Boris Johnson - Panting and coughing non-stop:

As late as Sunday morning, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, just recovering from a coronavirus infection, said Johnson was "okay". He still had an elevated temperature, but "his hand firmly on the wheel".

By this time, however, several British media had long reported that Johnson's alleged carelessness had been played.

His cabinet had seen a constant "panting and coughing" premier in the daily video conferences.

While Hancock, other members of the government, and also the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, apparently survived the worst after seven days, Johnson's virus proved to be more persistent.

He was said to be undergoing "oxygen treatment" and was to remain in the hospital for as long as necessary.

In the afternoon, Johnson then spoke via Twitter: He was taking "some routine tests" in the clinic, but was "in good spirits".

The fact that Johnson refused to go to the hospital until the end is also because his illness came at the worst possible time.

In Great Britain, where around 5000 people have died, the climax of the coronavirus crisis is expected in a week.

In the end, government officials had to admit that the National Health Service (NHS), which had been broken by various Tory governments, is still not adequately armed.

In early April, only half a million doctors and nurses tested on COVID-19 in 2000; Tens of thousands of NHS officials have been self-isolating for weeks because they don't know if they have the virus. Another 100,000 NHS positions are vacant.

Doctors use snorkel masks:

Health Minister Hancock admitted on Sunday that the government will fail to meet its target of having 18,000 ventilators in use by mid-April.

Because countless NHS people do not even have the most necessary protective equipment, individual clinics have started to make temporary masks and aprons from snorkelling equipment and garbage bags.

And also the widely announced mass test of the population for any antibodies has been postponed until further notice: the 7.5 million self-tests that the government has purchased do not work for the most part.

The image of a hopelessly overwhelmed government is taking on ever more concrete form.

It now seems to be taking revenge that Johnson did not put together a cabinet of talents after his election victory in December, but rather a team of Brexit believers loyal to him.

Above all, Secretary of State Dominic Raab, who already revealed astonishing gaps in knowledge as a Brexit minister, but is now Johnson's representative at the centre of power.

The government's mistakes will still be discussed:

Bad for Johnson and Raab too: Since Saturday, the largest opposition party Labor has a new leader, Keir Starmer, who does not have the charisma of the premier, but is a meticulous, fit-for-purpose and always well-prepared politician.

He has already announced that he will cooperate with the government in the corona crisis - but will also raise any errors made by this cabinet in due course.

So events are overturning for Her Majesty's government. And so the time for a speech by Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday evening was well chosen.

In a video message of just five minutes - the only fourth of its kind in her almost 70-year term and unusually personal for her circumstances - the monarch evoked the perseverance that her people had shown during the Second World War.

"The good days will come back, we'll meet again," said the Queen, who will be 94 on April 21.

And because an ambulance arrived in Downing Street almost at the same time as her speech, it almost sounded as if she was addressing these words directly to her prime minister.


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