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Bill Gates Made G20 funds for coronavirus:

The Microsoft founder calls for more G20 funds to develop a vaccine against the coronavirus. His foundation also finances the project.

Berlin Bill Gates has called on the G20 countries to provide more money for the development of a vaccine against the new coronavirus.

The G20 should no longer hesitate to have an effective financial commitment, wrote the Microsoft founder and co-chair of the Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation in a guest post for “Welt am Sonntag”.

The international vaccine alliance CEPI ("Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations") is already in the process of developing at least eight possible vaccines.

Scientists assumed that at least one of them would be ready for use in 18 months.

Many countries have provided support to CEPI in the past two weeks, "but the coalition needs at least $ 2 billion to do its work," said Bill Gates.

The Gates Foundation had founded CEPI together with the Wellcome Foundation and several governments, and Germany also supports the alliance.

Bill Gates made it clear that the development of a vaccine is only the first step - further resources and additional planning are necessary for its production and distribution.

A COVID-19 vaccination must be classified as a "global public good" and therefore affordable and accessible for everyone.

"To achieve these goals, the G20 should already deal with the logistics of a global immunization project." The G20 is made up of the European Union and 19 leading industrialized and emerging countries.

Bill Gates also warned of a "bidding competition" between states for protective masks, for example, "then many more people would fall victim to this disease than necessary".

"How we allocate resources must be aligned with the needs of the public health system and medical urgency."

He suggested that developing and developed countries work with the World Health Organization to develop guidelines.

The Microsoft founder supports global health programs and owns shares in the Tübingen company Curevac, which develops a vaccine against Corona.


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