Berlin City Palace

Fire In The Berlin City Palace:

A spokesman for the forum of the German Press Agency said that a tar kettle had probably exploded on the construction site of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin's castle.

The accident occurred outside. As the Berlin fire department announced on Twitter, building materials and two bitumen stoves were burning.

A large black cloud of smoke could be seen above the building in central Berlin. The fire broke out around 10 a.m., said a fire department spokesman.

According to the police, no evidence of arson:

According to the fire department, the fire is under control. The emergency services quickly extinguished the fire, a spokesman said "Everything under control." A person was injured in the fire. It is, therefore, a construction worker.

The police assume an accident in the fire. "According to the current knowledge of our situation centre, there is no evidence of intentional action," said a tweet from the police.

After fire fighting by the fire brigade, a fire commissioner from the LKA took over the investigation into the cause.

The first part of the Humboldt Forum is supposed to open in September; the opening was originally planned last year.


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