Xavier Naidoo

Xavier Naidoo:

Xavier Naidoo creates a mood against migrants in a video clip. The singer is harshly criticized on social media - but also celebrated in politically right-wing circles.

It is not the first, at least controversial, statement by Xavier Naidoo. In a video posted online on Tuesday, the musician once again comments on the situation of migrants in Germany - and is celebrated for this in politically right-wing circles.

"Your daughters, your children should suffer / should dress up with wolves in sports halls," sings Naidoo.

He has no hope of changing what he sees as a problematic situation, because "there is no man far and wide who can still save this country".

Later in the clip, which lasted almost a minute, it was unequivocally: "But what if a murder occurs almost every day / In which the guest steals life from the host. / Then I have to choose hard words / Because nobody can torture my people.

The 48-year-old is sometimes sharply criticized for his comments on Twitter. "Right-wing extremist civil war fantasies," say that Naidoo is a "fascist".

Many users also requested a response from RTL. In his show Deutschland Sucht den Superstar, Naidoo sits alongside Dieter Bohlen, among others, on the jury.

In the meantime, the station has commented on its Twitter channel. RTL said the broadcaster was "irritated by the exposed video.

We expect clear answers from Xavier." RTL distances itself from all forms of racism. Competitive broadcaster Pro Sieben also published a statement: "Dear Xavier #Naidoo, no one has made society better with hate, agitation and alternative facts. Neither have you."

However, the singer is also well-received on social media. Naidoo addresses "the factual crime of migrants" and things that "our media and politicians like to keep silent or relativize". write Twitter users.

Naidoo sang - Muslims carry the new Jewish star:

In the past few years, Xavier Naidoo has attracted numerous attention due to questionable statements about migration policy; in some cases, it was also located near the imperial citizen scene.

The reason for this is lines of text such as: "Baron Totschild sets the tone and he shits on you Gockel" from the song "Out of the Reichstag" from 2009 or "Muslims wear the new Jewish star, all terrorists, we don't like them anymore "from the piece" Nevermore war "by the sons of Mannheim from 2015.

Naidoo always uses religious motifs in his songs. As an evangelical Christian, he at least tends to take an Islam-critical stance.

The singer has also been accused of anti-Semitism on numerous occasions, and the issue has also been heard in court.

In 2015, Naidoo and the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, which fights against racism, right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism, agreed on a settlement.

Accordingly, passages from "Get out of the Reichstag" could be understood as anti-Semitic. Naidoo "as a person" should not be classified by the foundation as an anti-Semite.

"The use of a coded expression that can easily be understood as anti-Semitic poisons our language and our society," wrote the former President of the Central Council of Jews, Charlotte Knobloch.


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