Rebecca Immanuel

Rebecca Immanuel:

On Tuesday the goddess took off her mask from "The Masked Singer". Rebecca Immanuel emerged. Many were unfamiliar with the actress - although she was a star in the 2000s.

When the big moment of unveiling came, Ruth Moschner couldn't think of anything.

The hyperactive Ulknudel, which otherwise commented every unmasking with a screeching "Huuhuuu, how Geeiiil", remained surprisingly calm.

"You again" - that was all she said to Rebecca Immanuel, who had just identified herself as a goddess.

The other two jurors, Luke Mockridge and Rea Garvey had the question mark written on their faces: at least one of the two probably didn't even know who they were looking at.

And entertainer Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, who will host the actress on his show "Late Night Berlin" next Monday, tweeted slightly derogatory:

"After Rebecca Immanuel, the #maskedsinger will be exciting for me to guess.

It could be anyone! " Even moderator Matthias Opdenhövel felt compelled to state the job description when he was introduced: "The actress Rebecca Immanuel", he called.

Rebecca Immanuel - who is that?

The tenor of the reactions was clear: who is that? A question nobody would have dared to ask 15 years ago.

Back then, the actress born in 1970 in Oberhausen as Sonja Zimmer was at the height of her fame.

She played the main role in the immensely popular series "Edel & Starck", a screwball comedy in which Immanuel, alongside Christoph M. Ohrt, played lawyer Sandra Starck.

Sat.1 ran four seasons between 2002 and 2005. Not only the audience was thrilled - but the critics also cheered.

In 2002 there was the German TV Award for Best Series, and Rebecca Immanuel and her film partner Ohrt received the Bavarian TV Award in 2003.

"The Masked Singer" makes them known again:

You can't say that the actress has disappeared since then: her filmography is impressive, and the 49-year-old did a lot in the years after 2005.

Only the big role didn't come anymore. And so it happens that Rebecca Immanuel is regularly shown on the screen - whether in the "Tatort", "Wilberg" or in the comedy show "Kroymann" - but her name has been forgotten by many.

Perhaps the appearance on "The Masked Singer" could give her a new career boost.

At least it was worth it for her to participate: "It was the most disturbing, most exciting thing I have ever experienced in my entire Rebecca life," said the 49-year-old after her exposure. More may come. Rebecca Immanuel


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