Prince Charles News

Prince Charles News:

Prince Charles tested positive for the coronavirus. He shows mild symptoms, has been in isolation and recently had no contact with the Queen - and yet his test causes trouble.

Now it has also hit the heir to the throne. Prince Charles was infected with the coronavirus. For the time being, the 71-year-old, as his spokesman said, shows only mild symptoms.

It is not possible to determine where the prince has been infected, it is said because he has seen a variety of appointments in the past few weeks.

However, there are said to be some infected people around Prince Charles in Clarence House, which is why the Prince of Wales had himself tested.

For the time being, Prince Charles will retire to Balmoral Castle in Scotland and remain there in self-isolation.

He was in good spirits and felt good. His wife Camilla was tested negative and had to stay away from her husband for a while.

This is the dry core of a message that is likely to cause the kingdom some unrest. Prince Charles is 71 years old, so he belongs to the risk group.

In the past few weeks, he had, among other things, been with the Queen, who has meanwhile gone to Windsor with her husband Philip to stay there for the next few weeks.

However, the last personal meeting with his mother should have been two weeks ago, says the press office of the castle, i.e. beyond the statistically average incubation period.

The palace was in a hurry to let the queen know. She adheres to all guidelines to avoid infection.

Meanwhile, the Sun suggests that Prince Charles may have been infected by a continental European: Prince Albert of Monaco, whom he recently met at a charity event in London.

Late Brexit revenge on the British Royal? Also unlikely, the meeting was on March 10th.

Prince Charles, fundamentally very health-conscious and as an organic farmer, also open to alternative forms of life, had prepared early for the crisis and, except for inevitable meetings and discussions, had behaved in an exemplary manner.

He did not shake hands, bowed in greeting to other people with the Namaste gesture, and also avoided personal contact with the second heir to his son William. Harry is far away in Canada anyway.

Trouble arises, however, from the fact that, unlike many other British people with symptoms, Prince Charles had been tested for the virus at Aberdeen Hospital.

Angry tweets say that many doctors and nurses need the Corona test more urgently to be able to continue working, so Prince Charles was given preferential treatment.

Daily Telegraph and BBC found the Corona test for Prince Charles to be "irritating" to "annoying". Others urged prudence; after all, the man is the next king.

The well-being of the royal family is extremely important for the confidence of many British in the kingdom; if the Queen is doing well, who is already 93, there is hope in the eyes of many followers of the monarchy that the crisis will go off lightly.

Elizabeth II had recently sent a written message to her people, campaigning for solidarity and confidence.

It is also said to prepare a speech to the nation. With this, however, she wanted to wait a while and only give the encouragement speech when the situation had deteriorated dramatically.

For the time being, it is up to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to address citizens with warnings and information.

When he did that on Monday, a whopping 27 million British people watched, almost half of the population.

On Wednesday, at least one of the country's top epidemiologists, Neil Ferguson from Imperial College London, confirmed in Parliament's health committee that the measures are taken so far

And better equipment for hospitals could lead the country to deal with the crisis - if the social one Insulation will be maintained.


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