Press conference live

Press conference live:

Bavaria is in a state of emergency because of the coronavirus. Here you can see the press conference with Markus Söder, Joachim Herrmann and Hubert Aiwanger in the video.

Monday begins a time in Bavaria that has never existed before: schools, daycare centres and crèches will remain closed throughout the country for the next five weeks.

Besides, the state government has imposed extensive requirements for visits to hospitals, old people's homes and nursing homes.

Press conference live - Söder wants to declare a catastrophe due to coronavirus:

Bars, cinemas and swimming pools are also to be closed from Tuesday before selected shops have to close on Wednesday.

The state government has also proclaimed a disaster to include the Bundeswehr and its hospitals in the crisis plans, for example.

Also on Monday morning, strict controls on the border with Austria started. This is to prevent the coronavirus from spreading rapidly and to keep the number of infected and dead small.

Sars-CoV-2 has now been detected in hundreds of people, especially southern Bavaria.

Coronavirus current - Söder comments on the situation:

On Monday morning there was a press conference with Prime Minister Markus Söder, Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (both CSU) and Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger (Free Voters) on the effects of coronavirus infections in Bavaria.

However, journalists were not on-site due to the risk of infection. Your questions were received digitally by the representatives of the state government.

The press conference was broadcast as a live stream on the Internet. Would you like to watch the press conference on coronavirus with Markus Söder, Joachim Herrmann and Hubert Aiwanger again afterwards?

Here you will find the video - even after the press conference.


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