Oliver Pocher

Oliver Pocher Wife Amira Has Coronavirus:

Shock for Oliver Pocher. His wife Amira has tested positive for the coronavirus. The comedian announced this morning on Instagram.

Oliver Pocher sick wife and wrote:

Amira has tested positive for Corona! Accordingly, I have to assume that it caught me too! We are now in quarantine, do not go to Dubai and drink influencer tea to get fit again!

Oliver Pocher Wife Amira has the coronavirus:

Oliver Pocher Wife Amira talks about her illness - “I have not been well for a few days. The day before yesterday I was at the doctor, who then tested me for Corona. I just got the result that I am positive. That means that Oli also has to be tested. "

The comedian has to assume that he is also infected. We will see how the next course is now. But of course, that means that I am now also in quarantine. I guess 14 days.

Oliver Pocher & Amira Care for the baby together:

The two are also very concerned about their child. Amira Said, "The doctor told us that babies are 0.0000000001 per cent likely to get symptoms. I'm okay so far.


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