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Microsoft Teams:

The start of the working week in Europe caused the service to collapse in part - meanwhile adjusted. It is a piece of advice that the Austrian government has repeated with vigour over the past few days: Anyone who can do it should work from home.

So that internal communication and planning can be maintained, many people also switch to their home office and use new programs.

Collaboration tools such as Slack, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams are currently experiencing a real rush - and this has now led to hours of problems.


On Monday morning, Microsoft confirmed problems sending messages via teams on one of its Twitter accounts.

The problem is currently being investigated, the message said initially. The all-clear followed several hours later that everything was under control again.

Microsoft Teams twitter

For many companies, this incident came at an extremely unfavourable time, as they are only in the learning phase when using these tools.

Even if Microsoft has not yet given any information on the causes, the chronological sequence suggests that the company's servers were simply overwhelmed by the rush of new users.

After all, the problems started just at the start of the working week in Europe. In addition to companies, many educational institutions are now also using teams or similar tools. No problems are currently known from other providers of corresponding tools.


Microsoft Teams has also grown strongly beyond the current surge in users. The collaboration tool is said to have left Slack dominating in this area for a long time in terms of the number of users.

Microsoft Teams down Home office paralyzes the communication tool server:

For some, the home office is starting today due to the Corona crisis - some with Microsoft teams. Microsoft Teams is currently sporadic and has news, media, online status and calendars loaded for a very long time.

As of today, some companies have switched to the home office due to legal regulations or to protect employees.

That seems to have been too much of a rush for Microsoft: Microsoft Teams is currently occasionally down.

Calendar, contacts, channels or the online status of the respective contact do not load. Thus, some people are shown as "status unknown" or "offline".

Microsoft Teams down The problem is being worked on:

Numerous users have already reported on Twitter. So it's not up to you, it's Microsoft itself. I also pinged Microsoft Teams on Twitter.

The problem is well known and work is being done on troubleshooting. Unfortunately, the exact cause can only be seen as a system administrator - so all that is left to do is wait and see.

Your IT department may be able to tell you more about the problem.


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