Lena Gercke

Lena Gercke:

Lena Gercke has the perfect recipe against it. The heavily pregnant beauty does sport - albeit a little makeshift and only to get rid of the pent-up energy.

Lena shows her remarkable baby bump in the sports bra, as you will see in the video. Lena Gercke (31) publishes some stories on Instagram and presents her now remarkable baby ball to her fans.

In the videos, the beautiful model initially confesses: “From today on I'm officially bored.” Because the popular presenter prefers to stay at home because of the current situation.

Fitness against boredom - Lena Gercke shows the way:

Lena Gercke has a great tip against boredom: an exercise in your living room. Then Lena shows up in her story in a sports bra and tight training pants and does some exercises for her followers.

But one detail is, particularly in focus. Lena Gercke has now got a real baby ball. She wanted to present the exercises to her fans and therefore stands in front of the camera.

But this is how she shows her followers her grown baby bump at the same time. No matter what exercise, Lena's baby ball is always easy to recognize. We show you the sweet pictures of the pregnant star in the video.

XXL bust size pregnant Lena Gercke shows what she has:

Bare skin and deep insights - Lena Gerckens (32) baby ball has grown quite a bit. Still, she doesn't want to let herself go during pregnancy.

On Instagram, the GNTM winner is sportier than ever and proves that you can also look sexy while pregnant.

During the workout - Lena Gercke shows baby curves:

The top model currently stays at home due to the coronavirus but does not want to do without the sports program.

During a home workout, the blonde presents herself in a tight sports bra and looks deeply (see above in the video).

“People, of course, that was a workout for people like me who just can't move as well anymore. And only a very small one. To wake up, ”she tells in her story.

Model Lena Gercke shows XXL breasts:

Months ago, her fans had speculated about Lena's luscious bust size. On Instagram, she also appeals to her approximately 2.6 million followers: "Please stay at home if you don't have to go out! Solidarity should now come first."


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