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Justin Trudeau gave News positive for coronavirus:

Justin Trudeau gives news of his wife Sophie Grégoire tested positive for coronavirus. At a press conference given at his home Friday, March 13, Justin Trudeau gave news of his wife Sophie Grégoire, diagnosed with coronavirus.

While the coronavirus has been declared a pandemic, all measures are now being taken to limit its spread. And for some, it is an isolation that is required.

On March 12, Justin Trudeau and Sophie Grégoire announced that they were voluntarily in solitary confinement.

This is because the wife of the Canadian Prime Minister tested positive for Covid-19. At a press conference held from his home on Friday, March 13, Justin Trudeau gave news of his wife.

Confidence in Canada's officials and health care professionals," he also said, adding that by the way that for his part he had "no symptoms" and feels good, even if he will remain in solitary confinement for 14 days, like his wife.

Coronavirus contracted after staying in London:

It was after her return from a London trip to a conference that Sophie Grégoire began to experience "minor flu-like symptoms, including a low fever", in the evening of Wednesday, March 11, as the Office of the Prime Minister announced in a statement.

But who says symptoms for his wife, says isolation also for Justin Trudeau, as a precaution.

"Technology allows me to work from home," said the Prime Minister, although he admits that this measure is "a disadvantage" and "somewhat frustrating".

"We are all social beings after all. But we have to do it because we have to protect our neighbours and friends, especially our most vulnerable seniors.

We follow medical advice, like all Canadians," concluded Justin.


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