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'Let's Dance' - Partner Exchange With Laura Müller:

Strange hairstyles, partner swapping, verbal abuse, rebellion, #MeToo and a sure-fire jury: everything included this week on "Let's Dance".

Also this week "Let's Dance" takes place in the dark like a ghost show. Empty bleachers and a lack of standing ovations give the dynamic of the otherwise highly emotional dance evening in Cologne-Ossendorf the charm of a deserted western city, in the back of which is lonely a few shreds of dry straw blow through the picture, dance the song of death to me.

In keeping with this dystopian mood, the two professionals Andrzej Cibis and Kathrin Menzinger open the evening with dance, like a metaphor for the future of clubs and discotheques in the post-corona era: They dance, but between them, there is always a windowpane that prevents any touch.

Lasciviously they throw themselves against the window but remain alone. So close yet so far. The professional future only looks worse for discotheque owners only for Jorge González's hairstylists.

I could only write the entire column about this week's outfit. The first guess is: Jorge has a new advertising contract with a car wash.

Since surreptitious advertising is prohibited at RTL, unless you happen to be called like a manufacturer of cut crystal glass, this is unlikely.

So the second thought is: Jorge readjusted the board in front of his head today, pushed it up a little and threw a Persian carpet over it for camouflage.

That would also explain why he looks like Zorro, whom someone accidentally rammed a broom through the top of his skull.

If at some point it no longer works as a juror for "Let's Dance", he can at least easily start as a curtain in every theatre or cinema business into old age.

So, if there should still be any after Corona. Social distancing is a hairstyle - a concept that will hopefully make a mark.

If at any time each of us wears the Jorge González mop in the shape (and size) of the Brandenburg Gate on our heads, we can finally lift the curfews.

Infection over the almost eight meters, which we are then automatically separated from each other, seems impossible.

Tooth fairy Christina Luft

The best dance of the evening will be provided by Luca Hänni and Christina Luft, which rightly earns them the highest possible score: 30.

Incidentally, this is also the number of WhatsApp messages that Hänni and Luft receive per minute from investigative reporters from the tabloid media in which we are asked to give details of their rumours of love, let's say.

The 30 also has another meaning for Christina Luft: she has felt 30 teeth in both the upper and lower jaw. Many in the industry, therefore, consider them to be an illegitimate daughter of Stefan Raab.

Scrap dancers ... oh, sorry, scrap dealer Sükrü Pehlivan then explains to the nation what philosophical thoughts he has on dancing all day: "The Viennese waltz is like chess. Everyone should be able to play chess, and Viennese waltz too."

How he comes up with this remains unclear, but when you see him dancing like this, one thing is clear: with chess as with the Viennese waltz with him, the lady is always in acute danger.

At Sükrü, that's his professional partner Alona Uehlin. I always listen to "Aioli" on "Alona", which is why I always gain a lot during a season "Let's Dance", but that's another story.

Let's Dance

#MeToo on the dance floor:

Ulrike von der Groeben, who is not exactly known as a dance monster like Sükrü, and her professional Valentin Lusin then dance to "Do You Believe In Love After Love". And what can I say: Cher is not doing well.

Things are going better for Moritz Hans and Valentin's wife Renata Lusin. The recognition value of Moritz (celebrity factor: Ninja Warrior) is not primarily his dance performance, but his hairstyle.

Unlike Jorge, he foregoes extensive construction work on his skullcap but sleeps with his finger in the socket every night.

This not only electrifies his hair tips, but also juror Motsi Mabuse. She feels a "vibration in my whole body".

With so much crackling eroticism, even Joachim Llambi remembers his wild days and attests: "You showed nice lifting and lowering."

He seems to be a specialist. It is not known whether this is because he used to be a porn film director.

What is the difference between David Hasselhoff and Massimo Sinató? Exactly: none! Both like to lift one.

Sinató (unlike Hasselhoff), however, not so much alcohol, but above all Lili Paul-Roncalli. As a fiery Italian, he loves full body contact.

And since his wife Rebecca Mir is fortunately no longer allowed to stay in the studio due to the Corona audience lock, the lively Italo-Western naturally takes every chance to get in touch.

During training, dancing, interviewing, and awarding points: one almost suspects that Lili may wear a #MeToo shirt next week to send a subtle message to her fans and viewers. Save me from the man without shirts.

Dramassimo Sinató not only has eyes for Lili on the show, but he also uses the chance of his live TV appearance to make another woman happy: he greets his grandma in Sicily.

By the way, Sicily is an Italian island and not a Latino lover. Laura Müller, on the other hand, shows even less fear of contact than Sinató.

The first partner exchange of her life does not lead her away from Wendler, but only from dance partner Christian Polanc (sick at home) to dance partner Robert Beitsch.

But she can be touched by him in detail. If there is no trouble, later in the hotel.

Above all, because Beitsch attended Massimo Sinató's VHS course for "Textile-free upper body use during seam dancing" and presented himself largely naked.

By the way, according to rumours from production circles, Polanc was in contact with a person who tested positive for Covid-19 and is waiting in quarantine for his test result.

I cannot judge whether the Polanc theory is correct. Everything is possible in these times. Even a rebellion.

During the week there were rumours that some dance professionals would be afraid of Corona to interrupt "Let's Dance", but the broadcaster rejected it.

In particular, Erich Klann appears much less euphoric for the first time on this show than he is used to. Not much happens after that.

Favourite Tijan Njie is still dancing his samba with Kathrin Menzinger to the music of "The Lion King".

Quasi samba to Simba. In the end, Ulrike von der Groeben can stay, which hardly anyone can understand. Least of all they. Instead, the audience chose Sükrü Pehlivan. For him, the "Let's Dance" journey is over.

In the current corona situation, it will probably only be a very short decision whether the remaining eight couples will be able to play as planned next Friday. If you dance, I'm back! Promised!


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