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Coronavirus Update In Berlin Metropolitan School in Mitte:

The Berlin Metropolitan School in Mitte is the first school in the capital to suspend school operations until further notice reports the "Berliner Zeitung".

The reason is the first confirmed case of coronavirus infection in Berlin. Here it is supposed to be a connection to parenthood.

Teachers, children and parents were informed about the move on Monday. The school management emphasizes that the closure is precautionary. There is no suspicion at the school itself.

Director Silke Friedrich wrote to parents and teachers: “This morning we were informed by someone in our community that this person had direct contact with a person who was confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus.

Even if there is no confirmed case at the BMS (Berlin Metropolitan School), we will close the school immediately against the background of this information, as this is a high risk for everyone.

As a precaution, the school will remain closed until tomorrow, until we have information that we can safely open it again. "

Should the school have to close for several days, the pupils should be given tasks via the school's online platforms.

The further procedure is said to be closely coordinated with the health authorities, according to the "Berliner Zeitung".

Health senator Dilek Kalayci said on Monday morning at the RBB Info radio that she currently did not consider it necessary to close schools and daycare centres.

At noon, she had informed at a press conference about the condition of a Berliner infected with corona. The first known Berlin coronavirus patient was discovered by chance.

The symptoms of the 22-year-old from the Mitte district initially did not indicate the pathogen Sars-CoV-2, said Charité board member Ulrich Frei and health senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) on Monday in Berlin.

Accordingly, the man had been released from the clinic on Sunday before the test result was available.

District medical officer in charge, Lukas Murajda, said it was only a matter of time before more cases were discovered in the city.

The patient was brought to the emergency room by the emergency services early Sunday morning - disoriented and feverish, Frei said.

The man was not completely with himself and was therefore first examined for neurological diseases such as meningitis.

Since there were no abnormalities, there was no reason to be admitted to hospital. Because of body aches, the man had a test for influenza before he was released home.

There were no sick relatives and roommates. The Charité is now testing suspected flu samples for the new coronavirus and has thus diagnosed the disease.

Without this internal regulation to run a parallel test, the patient would probably still be undetected at home, - Said Frei.

As he went on to describe, the 22-year-old had been suffering from cold symptoms for around two weeks and showed signs of an acute respiratory infection.

But the focus would have been on neurological symptoms. The man is now being treated in isolation at the Charité Virchow Clinic.

His condition has improved somewhat, he is stable, said Kalayci. How he got infected is so far unclear.

There is currently an accumulation of cases in the federal state. According to the authorities, the patient's parents live there and were visiting.

Around 60 people who have had contact with the patient have been identified and isolated so far.

Among them are the patient's parents, friends, roommates and colleagues as well as clinic staff and employees of a centre where the patient had recently been vaccinated for an upcoming trip.

The test results should be available by Tuesday at the latest. Kalayci said that laboratory capacities for coronavirus diagnostics in Berlin had been expanded.

Official doctor Murajda appealed that all sick people stay at home and called their doctor to avoid infecting other people.

The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians also called on Monday not to leave the apartment in the suspected case.

She recommends contacting the Senate hotline (030-90 28 28 28) if you suspect a coronavirus.

The suspicion is considered to be justified if you have been in one of the risk areas or have had contact with confirmed cases and also have respiratory symptoms.

Coronavirus Situation In Germany:

Results from employees of the Brandenburg Tropical Tropical Water Park were expected for Monday. There was a man from North Rhine-Westphalia visiting, with whom the pathogen was later detected.

Around 150 infections with the Sars-CoV-2 virus, which can cause the disease Covid-19, are known to date in Germany.

Coronavirus most infected people's have mild cold symptoms with chills and sore throats, or no symptoms at all.


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