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Brazil Florianópolis, Rio, São Paulo - the wave of actions against the coronavirus:

In states like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, classes in public and private schools begin to be suspended.

São Paulo - Brazilian states and municipalities are beginning to apply more forceful actions to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

On Monday, 16, in Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, a remote pre-service system for residents to answer questions about coronavirus or even make appointments if they show symptoms of the disease, without having to go to a health unit, begins to take effect.

The program offered by the city hall of the capital is unprecedented in Brazil and has been dubbed “Alô Saúde Floripa”.

It works like this: at level 1 of the service, general doubts are resolved with a nursing technician.

If the citizen has complaints about his health, he will be referred to level 2 of care, where he speaks with a specialized nurse. At this stage, the professional asks several questions to assess the severity of care.

If necessary, an appointment will be scheduled within 48 hours. To access it, the citizen can call an 0800 or talk to one of the attendants through an application, available for IOS and Android platforms.

In São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, classes in public and private schools begin to be suspended.

The vacations of health professionals in both states were also cancelled, which together concentrate the largest number of infected people.

In some states, such as Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso, a reduction in the number of visits to prisons will be implemented.

The whole of Brazil is beginning to reduce the pace of activity. Major cultural events, such as plays and concerts, are being postponed or cancelled across the country.

The Brazilian Football Confederation announced on Sunday, 15, the indefinite suspension of all matches organized by it and recommended that the state federations do the same.

Meanwhile, several companies have decreed remote work for employees in the places most affected by the virus.

The coronavirus already records 200 cases in Brazil, according to a bulletin released by the Ministry of Health on Sunday night.

The previous day, there were 121 cases. Most of the cases are in São Paulo, which went from 65 to 136 confirmed over the weekend. Rio de Janeiro is the second most affected state, with 24 cases.

The idea is to reduce the rate of progress of the disease so as not to put pressure on the country's health systems. The coming weeks will be immense challenges for Brazilians.

Paraná has 80 suspected cases of coronavirus:

In one day, Paraná had 20 new suspected cases of the new coronavirus (Covid-19). Now there are 80.

On Saturday (14), the Ministry of Health had released 60 suspicions in the state. According to the latest bulletin, this Sunday (15), 50 cases were ruled out by laboratory tests.

The number of confirmations of the disease remains at 6: five in Curitiba and one in Cianorte, in the Northwest.

According to the State Department of Health (SESA), the six patients with Covid-19 in Paraná are in isolation at home, with no change in the clinical picture. All patients were infected while travelling in Europe.

There is still no community transmission in the state (when it is not possible to identify the path of the virus infection.)

In Brazil, the number of confirmed cases jumped to 200. There are 1,913 suspicions and 1,486 cases discarded. To date, no patient has died from the virus.

Coronavirus alters population routine in Ceará:

Football matches were held without fans at the stadiums. Shows and cultural events had unmarked dates even before the confirmation of the first case of coronavirus in Ceará

This Sunday (15), the first three confirmed cases of coronavirus in Ceará were released, after the pandemic changed the routine of the inhabitants of the northeastern state.

The Ministry of Health, last Friday (13), recommended the suspension or postponement of artistic, scientific, commercial or governmental events.

The Federal Court ordered the holding of soccer matches without the presence of fans.

The games between Ceará and Sport Clube do Recife, at Arena Castelão, and between Pacajus and Ferroviário, at Presidente Vargas Stadium, took place with the gates closed.


The Federal University of Ceará (UFC) suspended any academic activity with more than 100 participants, through the Crisis Management Committee.

Also on Friday (13), cultural events and performances with a large audience in Fortaleza were cancelled or postponed. Lulu Santos' concert, scheduled for March 28, should take place on another date.

Ceará has three confirmed coronavirus cases:

Those infected are two men and a woman who recently travelled abroad. The Ceará Department of Health (Sesa) confirmed on Sunday night (15), three suspected cases of coronavirus in the state. According to Sesa, the patients were on a recent trip abroad.

Coronavirus: taking ibuprofen can worsen infection

Among the total, there are two men and one woman, all from the city of Fortaleza. The first cases of COVID-19 in Ceará are not yet among the 200 infected reported by the Ministry of Health on Sunday and should be included in the next bulletin.

The Secretary of Health of the State of Ceará (Sesa) informs that three tests of suspected cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) were positive on the night of this Sunday, March 15th.

These are patients who have been on a recent trip abroad. The three, two men and a woman, are from Fortaleza.

Two are hospitalized in a private hospital in the capital and another, in isolation at home. Their clinical picture at this point is not serious.

Earlier, the secretariat had reported that there were 87 suspected cases and none confirmed. In Brazil, there were already 200 confirmed cases.

Several cultural, sporting and business events have already been cancelled. Covid-19 is caused by the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus.


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