Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris doesn't need a heading:

The film hero and Trump darling Chuck Norris, who is not very heroic in real life, turns 80. It's high time to clarify something.

Chuck Norris celebrates his 80th birthday:

What a big day it was, exactly 80 years ago, March 10, 1940. A certain Carlos Ray Norris Jr. saw the light of day in the US state of Oklahoma, which was soon to be his subject.

How it sounds! Carlos Ray Norris Jr. - the boy had to become something. And a Chuck: The martial artist, actor and superhuman was given his nickname by his comrades in the 1960s, at that time when he was used by the American military police in Korea. Naturally.

Chuck Norris doesn't want to be compared to God:

The philosophical assumption of a "homo superior" is not only highly controversial among normal people - Chuck Norris himself does not think that things are too big.

He refused to be compared to God, he wrote in an Internet column in 2006, because God had only created him and all other people on earth in his image, which, by the way, contradicts the theory of evolution.

Which brings us straight to the ambivalence of this three-day beard. Because a year-long hype has arisen around the actor and his hair-raising roles,

which has been breaking through the legendary “Chuck Norris Facts”, especially on the Internet, since 2005, jokes that make his steel and leg-hard appearances satirize into bizarre A look at the actual Chuck Norris clearly: Cool is somehow different.

For example, weapons also play an important role for him away from the movies with bold titles such as "The Bulldozer," The Firewheel "or" The Death Claw Strikes Again ".

Just in January, Norris appeared at the "Shot Down" arms fair in Las Vegas. For a few months now he has been the prominent face of the rifle manufacturer Glock.

A hobby that he enthusiastically tells about in his column for the right-wing website “World Net Daily”.

Just like his admiration for Donald Trump, which earned him the status of a flagship of the ultra-conservatives.

Chuck Norris, the gun fan and Trump darling:

None of this is funny. And that is precisely why all the sayings about Chuck Norris, who was once world karate champion and for years "Walker, Texas Ranger", somehow make sense.

Because in their exaggerated humour, which often plunges too flat, they make it clear that behind all of the unprofitable behaviour only a joke figure appears to be.

So there is no question that FR is presenting a collection of the most beautiful "Chuck Norris Facts" to the gun fan and Trump darling who now lives on a ranch in Texas with guns, children and cones.

15 have become. Of course, we would have liked to put a shovel on it and make 80 of it. But we're not Chuck Norris.


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